Arknights: Should You Pull? Through a Path of Briars: Texas the Omertosa

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Through a Path of Briars: Texas the Omertosa

Featured Operators:

Rarity Operator

Duration: May 23, 2023, 10:00(UTC-7) - June 06, 2023, 03:59(UTC-7)

Texas the Omertosa [Limited] / Penance
(Accounts for 70% of the odds when pulling a 6★)

★★★★★★: Nearl the Radiant Knight [Limited] / Skadi the Corrupting Heart [Limited] / Rosmontis [Limited]
(5 times the weight in the rest of 6*)

(Accounts for 50% of the odds when pulling a 5★)

◆ W [Limited] is on the banner and sparkable, but does NOT have the 5x rateup of the other older Limiteds..
◆ This is a [Limited Headhunting - Celebration] Series Headhunting.
◆ [Limited Headhunting - Celebration] Series banners are [Limited Headhunting] banners.
◆ New operators [Penance] & [Lunacub] will permanently join the [Standard Headhunting] pool after the banner ends
◆ New operator [Texas the Omertosa] is a limited operator in [Limited Headhunting - Celebration] Series, and will not join [Standard Headhunting]
◆ On CN this banner was called [Chop the Thorns: Open Circuits]


  • New Operators [Penance], [Lunacub] will permanently join the [Standard Headhunting] pool after the banner ends
  • New Operator [Texas the Omertosa] is a limited Operator, and won’t join any [Standard Headhunting].

Should You Pull?


This banner is on a similar level with units like Surtr, Chalter, and Mlynar. Penance would probably be worth pulling for on her own, but Texas the Omertosa is so ridiculously good that she blows Penance right out of the water, along with 99% of the current Arknights cast.

There is also a chance to get several other limited units off this banner: Nealter, Skalter, or Rosmontis. Of these, Skalter is outstanding, Nealter is very powerful but not very necessary, and Rosmontis is undertuned. Skalter may be worth pulling/ pitying on this banner; Nealter and Rosmontis are probably not worth chasing (although the possibility of Texalter potentials may sway your decision on that front).

The 5 on this banner, Lunacub, is interesting but lacks power. She’s not worth pulling for on her own.

You should not pull on this banner just because Texalter is limited. Be aware of what these Operators do and whether you really want them before you make your final decision. That being said, Texalter is so strong that there is little reason to hold back on this banner.

Quick Overview

Fast-Redeploy/ Executor Specialist

+ Stupidly high offensive output on a Fast-Redeploy timer, plus multiple kinds of crowd control (Silence on S1, Stun on S3)

+ Has bonus ATK while a Skill is active (E1 Talent) and bonus ASPD/ damage mitigation before she kills an enemy on each deployment (E2 Talent)

+ Reactivates her Skill the first time she defeats an enemy on each deployment (E1 Talent)

+ S1 Silences the target for a long time and deals Arts damage over time

+ S2 immediately inflicts Arts damage and a RES shred around Texalter, then buffs Texalter’s attacks to hit twice and deal Arts damage

+ S3 constantly rains multitarget Arts damage and Stuns down on all enemies around Texalter for the duration

- Usual archetype weaknesses: Mediocre stats, Skills activate “On Deployment” only (but her Talent helps make up for this)

- She can burn through your DP quickly if used repeatedly, especially because she is a limited unit, so increasing her Potential to reduce her DP cost is a very expensive prospect

Enmity/ Juggernaut Defender

+ Usual archetype strengths: Has very high base HP and ATK, is very survivable

+ Talent generates “barrier HP” every time Penance kills an enemy (E1 Talent) up to a (very high) cap

+ Deals Arts damage to enemies that attack her while she has barrier HP (E2 Talent)

+ S1 has a decently long Stun when Overcharged

+ S2 hits multiple targets and increases Penance’s barrier HP gains from killing enemies while it is active

+ S3 (Penance’s primary Skill) gives her a massive chunk of barrier and a positively beastly ATK buff; also increases her Taunt level

= Has somewhat low base DEF for a Defender, but this is countered by her massive barrier HP

- Usual archetype weaknesses: High DP cost, cannot be directly healed by allies (although regen does work)

- Starts off slow on most maps, since she needs to kill multiple enemies to accumulate enough barrier HP; ideally, she wants to kill lots of little enemies before tangling with a big boss

- S3 has [Getting Hit] SP charge type, further slowing her ramp-up time (although once S3 gets activated, it’s all over for her opponent)

Long-Range/ Deadeye Sniper

+ Usual archetype strengths: Wider attack range than most Sniper archetypes, high base ATK, prioritizes low-DEF enemies

+ Always has Camouflage as long as her Skill is not active (E1 Talent)

+ Her attack interval becomes faster while her Skill is active (E2 Talent)

+ S2 gives her Camouflage for several seconds every time she defeats an enemy; if she keeps defeating enemies, she can stay Camouflaged forever, even though her Talent is supposed to turn off while her Skill is active

= Usual archetype dilemma: Prioritizes the enemy with the lowest DEF within range, which is usually fine but can sometimes mess with your expectations

= S1 gives her bonus ATK, but removes her Camouflage; S2 can sustain her Camouflage, but only gives her ASPD, no ATK

- Usual archetype weaknesses: Slow attack speed hampers her DPS despite her high ATK

- Lacks good buffs/ multipliers to effectively damage tough opponents; her faster attacking speed (E2 Talent and S2) is nice but doesn’t help her overcome high DEF

- S2 has poor uptime

Texas the Omertosa

Texas the Omertosa E2

Texas the Omertosa, last survivor of the Texas mafia family, has returned to Siracusa to lay her family’s past to rest. No opponent will be able to outflank this high-speed Operator as she darts in, refreshes her Skill activations for double the punishment, and darts out, running down her miniscule Fast-Redeploy time limit so she can do it all again. And again. And again….


Penance E2

Penance is tormented by her long history in Siracusan law, handing down judgments that were increasingly twisted by political intrigues outside of her control. She wants to help right the wrongs she’s caused, but she doesn’t believe she deserves to participate in Rhodes Island’s teamwork. As such, she’s hitting the field as one of the stronger solo Operators in Arknights, breaking her enemies down into barrier HP that she can use to sustain herself indefinitely.


Lunacub E2

Lunacub appears to be a nondescript hunter, but she’s oddly close to Emperor, hip-hop king and head of Penguin Logistics. In fact, she’s done him so many favors that Emperor personally brought her to Rhodes Island and told them to take good care of her for him. But does Lunacub really need the help, considering she can keep herself Camouflaged for as long as she can keep defeating enemies?

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