Siracusan Court of Justice

Furniture Theme Detail

Description Every Siracusan city has a courthouse, and behind every courthouse... is the same name.
Total Ambience
Obtain Approach Event Limited
Release Dates (NA)
Release Dates (CN)
Associated Event

Furniture Sets in this Theme

Set: Courthouse Decor (Complete Set Bonus Ambience: 140)

Image Name Ambience Type Cost
Courtroom Inner Wall 240 Wallpaper
Courtroom Floor 240 Floor
Skylight 85 Ceiling Lamp
Courtroom Wall Lamp 45 Wall Lamp
Fence Pillar 80 Decoration

Set: The True Law (Complete Set Bonus Ambience: 125)

Image Name Ambience Type Cost
Public Bookshelf 220 Cabinet
Wooden Coat Hanger 155 Decoration
Patching Planks 135 Decoration
'Truck Passage' 70 Decoration

Set: Unaffiliated Individuals (Complete Set Bonus Ambience: 300)

Image Name Ambience Type Cost
Gallery 215 Seating
Courtroom Stand 150 Decoration
Judge's Bench 455 Table
Chief Judge's Seat 185 Seating
Assistant Judge's Seat 120 Seating

Set: The Will of Grey Hall (Complete Set Bonus Ambience: 360)

Image Name Ambience Type Cost
Large Gray Rug 650 Carpet
Classical Pillar 130 Decoration
Famiglia Seat 385 Seating
Courtroom Ceiling Light 50 Ceiling