Penguin Logistics Safehouse

Furniture Theme Detail

Description A safehouse designed in collaboration with Penguin Logistics. The design and construction drafts have already been submitted to Rhodes Island.
Total Ambience
Total Cost 3,500 or 16
Obtain Approach Event Limited
Release Dates (NA)
Release Dates (CN)
Permanent Shop Date (CN)
Associated Event

Furniture Sets in this Theme

Set: Safehouse Facilities (Complete Set Bonus Ambience: 275)

Image Name Ambience Type Cost
Safehouse Wallpaper 280 Wallpaper 460 or 2
Safehouse Floor Tiles 280 Floor 460 or 2
Fluorescent Ceiling Lamp 610 Ceiling 820 or 4
Safehouse Partition Door 290 Decoration 435 or 2

Set: Miscellaneous Goods (Complete Set Bonus Ambience: 160)

Image Name Ambience Type Cost
Outgoing Shipments 240 Decoration
Red Sundries Shelves 290 Cabinet
Collectible Beverage Dispenser 225 Decoration

Set: Work Facilities (Complete Set Bonus Ambience: 260)

Image Name Ambience Type Cost
Adjustable Round Stool 155 Seating 255 or 1
Multifunctional Workbench 470 Table
Penguin Logistics Curtain 280 Ceiling 420 or 2
High-Power Floor Lamp 265 Decoration 395 or 2

Set: Leisure Facilities (Complete Set Bonus Ambience: 115)

Image Name Ambience Type Cost
Comfortable Sofa 325 Seating
Penguin Clue Collection Board 155 Wall Decoration
Old Record Player 170 Decoration