Rhodes Island Workstation

Furniture Theme Detail

Description The Rhodes Island Workstation is primarily for use by elite Operators for designing, development, and maintenance work demanded by their missions.
Total Ambience
Total Cost 5,920
Obtain Approach Limited Time Store
Release Dates (NA)
Release Dates (CN)
Associated Event

Furniture Sets in this Theme

Set: Basic Workroom Decoration (Complete Set Bonus Ambience: 185)

Image Name Ambience Type Cost
Workstation Floorboards 240 Floor
Workstation Wallpaper 240 Wallpaper
Ceiling Floodlights 400 Ceiling

Set: Finished Products and Storage Set (Complete Set Bonus Ambience: 255)

Image Name Ambience Type Cost
Transparent Partition 360 Decoration
Dual-Beamed Crane 235 Ceiling
Cleanser 200 Decoration
Weapon Storage Cabinet 475 Cabinet

Set: Raw Materials and Processing Set (Complete Set Bonus Ambience: 170)

Image Name Ambience Type Cost
Robotic Arm 305 Decoration
Material Crates 180 Cabinet
Industrial Cutting Station 365 Decoration

Set: Design and Drafting Set (Complete Set Bonus Ambience: 180)

Image Name Ambience Type Cost
White Round Stool 160 Seating
Workbench 455 Table
Workstation Blackboard 235 Wall Decoration