Leithanien Nights

Furniture Theme Detail

Description A room that reproduces the nightlife of Leithania. After the curtain of night falls, music rises to accompany it.
Total Ambience
Total Cost 2,190 or 12
Obtain Approach Event Limited
Release Dates (NA)
Release Dates (CN)

Furniture Sets in this Theme

Set: The Beauty of Night (Complete Set Bonus Ambience: 215)

Image Name Ambience Type Cost
Panoramic Display (Leithanien Nights) 240 Wallpaper
Leithanien Wood Floorboards 240 Floor
Four-Candle Chandelier 110 Ceiling Lamp
Grand Six-Candle Chandelier 245 Ceiling Lamp

Set: The Pleasure of Relaxation (Complete Set Bonus Ambience: 350)

Image Name Ambience Type Cost
Thick Curtains (Right) 200 Wall Decoration
Thick Curtains (Left) 200 Wall Decoration
Four-Poster Bed 520 Bedding 720 or 4
"Love and Sunflowers" 90 Wall Decoration
Extra-Long White Sofa 405 Seating 560 or 3

Set: The Love for Learning (Complete Set Bonus Ambience: 200)

Image Name Ambience Type Cost
"Globe of Balance" 155 Decoration 265 or 1
All-in-One Bookshelf 345 Table
Pile of Miscellaneous Books 225 Decoration
Leithanien Beverage 140 Decoration

Set: The Joy of Music (Complete Set Bonus Ambience: 190)

Image Name Ambience Type Cost
Monochromatic Cello 210 Decoration 325 or 2
Accompanist's Chair 230 Seating 320 or 2
Handmade Leithanien Carpet 205 Carpet
Antique Phonograph 175 Decoration