Tier List Change Log - 6/29/2020 (Blaze/GreyThroat/Ambriel release)

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Table of Contents

Tier List Changes

With the release of the new Operator batch, the tier list has undergone some shifting and new additions.

    Tier list changes included user opinion - top 2 voted Operators from the poll above have been promoted to S+ Tier! Thank you for participating in the poll!

    Changes are summarized below:

    New Operators:

    • Blaze - Guard (AoE Guard) - S+
    • GreyThroat - Sniper (Anti-Air Sniper) - A
    • Ambriel - Sniper (Long-range Sniper) - B-

    Other tier list movements:

    • Eyjafjalla ^ from S to S+
    • SilverAsh ^ from S to S+
    • Texas ^ from A to A+
    • ShiraYuki ^ from B to B+
    • Mousse ^ from B to A-
    • Warfarin/Shining/Silence > S-
    • Susurro ^ from B to B+
    • Jessica v from B to B-
    • Orchid ^ from D to C
    • Earthspirit ^ from C to C+
    • Grani v from A to B

    Archetype Reassignments:

    • Sora: Buffer/Debuffer > Aura Supporter