Arknights: Azure's Il Siracusano 6★ Selector Tier List

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Article by AzureTheHexer


As part of the Stultifera Navis event coming this November, a new anniversary pack will be added to the store for 4 weeks. For $29.99, this pack contains one Ten-roll Headhunting Permit and, most importantly, a 6★ Selector Ticket, containing all non-Limited 6★ Operators up to Horn.

This tier list presents which Operators will provide the most bang for your buck if you decide to buy the pack. Remember that Operators are not ordered within tiers.

6★ Selector Tier List


Operators in this tier have a similar powerlevel to those in the next one, but are considered better picks for the selector due to either their somewhat higher powerlevel and meta-warping capabilities, or their Distinction Certificate Store availability.


Horn is the most recently released 6★ Defender Operator, but instead of being a defense-focused tank, she's a DPS monster with an insane range.

Horn shines amongst other Operators in her rarity thanks to her burst DPS focus with really good cycling with Ultimate Line of Defense and an incredibly safe, versatile and powerful with which she can snipe boss-tier enemies from afar. Her consistent average DPS via Flare Grenade cannot be understated either.

Horn lands in this tier thanks to her S-worthy combat capabilities and because, being a very recent Operator, she will not show up on the Distinction Certificate Store anytime soon.


What is there to say about Surtr that hasn't already been said before? She's a monster of burst DPS thanks to her Twilight, and her undying abilities can keep her safe to dish out insane amounts of Arts damage for long periods of time from anywhere in the battlefield. She is often a staple for high level play, and definitely worth grabbing if you don't have your own yet.


Operators in this tier have extremely powerful and versatile toolkits that let them shine in regular content and scale very well into higher, more endgame content, and often outshine other Operators of their same Class and rarity. These Operators are strong enough at their niches to be practically irreplaceable by any other.


Kal'tsit remains as one of the most versatile Operators in the entire game thanks to her powerful companion, Mon3tr. She has the potential to both nuke threatening enemies via the True damage of her Command: Meltdown or easily hold lanes with her Command: Tactical Coordination. There's little Kal'tsit cannot accomplish in terms of direct combat, just don't grab her if what you want is a healer. She's not good at that!


While not as DPS-loaded as HornMudrock's kit is full of powerful laneholding and bursting options packed tightly in her incredibly durable kit capable of straight up ignoring entire instances of damage with her regenerating shields. Mudrock may not be able to get healed, but she will barely ever benefit from this sort of support due to how powerful her shields are.


The old "meta revolution" of Bagpipe may seem like old news now that we've experienced the insanity of Młynar and Texas the Omertosa, but she's nevertheless a powerful tool for expediting the early stages of any combat Operation in the entire game thanks to her Talent, which makes her perfect for complimenting Standard Bearer Vanguards and letting them cast their Skills almost immediately.


Operators in this tier will still provide a strong boost to your account if you already have those on the previous tiers, even if they aren't directly as powerful or meta-defining. Either that or they are best fit to support already well developed rosters rather than carrying by themselves, and thus benefit from being lower on the tier as support for the ones above.


Casters may have been going through a sort of rough patch lately, but it is undeniable that Goldenglow still deserves to be recognized as a very powerful and versatile Operator. Very few can claim to have a global range like she does, and out of those, none come close to Goldenglow's powerful Arts DPS capabilites.


Eyjafjalla is a much older Operator compared to Goldenglow, and this age reflects the differences in skill design philosophy accross the years. Eyjafjalla's burst is very long cycling, but it is focused on taking care of more dangerous threats such as bosses with powerful, concentrated bursts of DPS, while simultaneously clearing all weaker enemies around herself in a very, very large radius.


Mountain is one of the simples and most reliable laneholders currently available due to his incredibly low deployment cost and fast-to-activate laneholding Skill, which has infinite duration. Mountain can very easily hold off lanes from beginning to end, packing powerful multi-target attacks and an insane regen very few Operators can hope to match. That is definitely not all he can do, though, as he can also choose to deliver some incredibly high burst damage all around himself if you choose to equip his third Skill


While his spot as the prime golden standard for burst DPS Operators might have waned with the release of Mlynar, it is absolutely undeniable that SilverAsh still holds a spot amongst the top 6★ in the game thanks to his wide-ranged, multi-target bursts of Physical damage and his powerful team support Talents.


Suzuran has been the prime choice for DPS boosting in the game for as long as she has been out. Thanks to her Foxfire HazeSuzuran is able to summon a very large area around her that does... practically everything you could ask from a support, really. It renegerates the HP of all Operators within it, it slows all enemies down to a crawl, and it boosts all damage taken by those enemies by 40%, increasing the effectiveness of all burst DPS Operators massively.


Unlike all previous Operators, Nightingale does not have a DPS role nor an offensive support one. Instead, she focuses on essentially denying the effects of all Arts damage within her wide range while her Sanctuary is active. Additionally, she can also deploy cheap and long-lasting baits with higher taunts to redirect ranged attacks away from your team, making her even better at her job of keeping everyone alive.


Operators in this tier may be worth selecting for more well-developed rosters who already have everything in the higher tiers. These Operators focus on more niche forms of support or tech options, or generally less widely useful forms of combat. Regardless, these Operators do have their chances to shine, so they may still be worth grabbing if you wish to kick your team composition options up a notch.


Gnosis is, in a way, very similar to Suzuran. Both are supporters focused on boosting outgoing DPS via the Fragile effect, and both have ways to slow down the advance of their targets. Where things part ways is in the way Gnosis applies these effects, which are his signature Freeze and Chill effects. While these are technically more powerful than Suzuran's, enemies are often immune to being frozen altogether, rendering Gnosis "unviable" on occassion, and generally more niche than Suzuran overall.


Ifrit combines an incredibly high attack value with a very unique, long-line range to deliver either constant and high average DPS, or very high bursts paired with powerful Resistance debuffs that will make most enemies melt under her damage. The only issue here is the strictness of her range and her rather expensive DP cost at a time where burst DPS options get cheaper and cheaper to deploy. Still, she can be rather powerful under the right circumstances, specially if paired with other Arts burst DPS Operators she can support.


It pains me to have to put Thorns this low, but the reality is that his glory days of clearing lanes like no one else are no longer here. Don't get me wrong, Thorns is still incredibly powerful in most content out there and will easily handle all of it on his own, but the more you advance the more you will realize that he's just a bit too slow to get goin, a bit too fragile to survive until then alone, and overall just a bit too weak in comparison to what he used to be.


Saria is a very versatile Defender that can opt into either very strong survivability and healing capabilities (to the point where she can entirely cover the role of a medic), or powerful Arts DPS support that stacks with other similar effects for huge spikes in burst DPS. While she now faces competition from other Operators who can cover these roles similarly, there's no doubt that Saria is still worth investing into if you happen to get her simply because of this versatility alone, so she might be worth grabbing in this selector as well.


Saileach is practically the definition of Overkill in this game. She is a Standard Bearer Vanguard, which is already one of the strongest archetypes in the game, but within her kit there are unique DPS boost options within her class, such as small increases in Attack Speed and punctual usages of the Fragile effect. Overall most players are going to have enough with just Elysium, and those who do get Saileach will still find themselves using the former often, but she offers a unique kind of role compression that may benefit your teambuilding options.

Aak and Weedy

These two unique Operators are at the bottom of this list together not because they are bad purchases, but because they are uncommon support and tech options. While they are unique enough to still shine in the hardest reaches of content in the game, the average player will rarely get much use out of them if they have any other option on this tier list to grab.

Aak is a powerful but hard to use DPS support Operator that heavily increases the Attack Speed of one ally for a period of time, making him a really good option to pair with burst DPS Operators such as Mlynar and Surtr. However, his unique gimmick of hurting his own allies in order to provide the buff and his awkward targeting priorities puch him into the realm of "advanced player only" support. Handle with care.

Weedy, on the other hand, is extremely simple to utilize. You place her down, and she pushes enemies away in one of three unique manners. She has the strongest push force in the game which gives her unique yet important usage in content like High-Risk Contingency Contract, but players not looking to go this far will probably have enough with just Shaw or FEater instead of going the extra mile here.

Other Operators

Operators not present in this Tier List are not recommended for purchase, as they are either incredibly niche or severely outclassed by their peers. A good handful of them still see high-end usage when the stars align, but I don't find it correct or constructive to recommend them in good faith due to their very, very specific usage. If none of the Operators in this Tier List interest you, reconsider whether you want to purchase this Selector at all.

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