Attack on Titan: Tactics Tier List

Tier list
  • This AoT Tactics Tier List ranks the overall usefulness of all 5* characters and Event Characters, with explanations below.

Tier List

Z Tier

S Tier

A Tier

B Tier

C Tier

Units with mediocre stats or situational skills. Generally only useful on type advantage stages, if you already have units above this tier.

D Tier

Units with significant drawbacks or are greatly outclassed by other units. 

S Tier Explanations

Erwin Smith (Crimson)


ATK: 8773+958= 9731                                    HP: 8109+737= 8846                           Hit Count = 3

  • Highest consistent damage dealer unit while under 50% hp

  • Amazing stats + 3 hits (9.7k ATK and 8.8k HP) 

  • Best tag (Scouts)

  • One of the best SP that deals 4 hits to a single titan while also deploying

  • Strongest Crimson Unit

Levi (Skyblue)

  • One of the hardest hitting unit in the game outside combined with 5 hits (10k ATK)
  • Stun ability and 20% atk lead for scouts
  • Average HP (6k) and somewhat high hp loss rate holds him back 
  • Exceptionally wide AoE SP with an average charge rate and high damage
  • Best tag (Scouts)

Bertholdt Hoover (Halloween)

Bert (Halloween)
  • One of the best offensive ODM units
  • 5 hits without the drawback of the drive mechanic
  • Great stats (8.4k ATK and 7k HP) 
  • Situational single target SP 
  • Circumstanced healing ability after killing a titan (No varying amounts between large or small titans holds it back)
  • Best tag (Scouts)

Armin Arlelt (Gold)

  • Great stats while also only being 4 cost (9.7k ATK and 7k HP) 
  • SP that spawns a leg cutting soldier as well as deploying himself + Boosted damage towards legless titans
  • Best tag (Scouts)
  • 2 hits leaves him more vulnerable to certain titans
  • Strongest Gold unit

Eren Jaeger (Swimsuit)

  • Highest HP Titan shifter that acts as a tank and damage dealer 
  • Great overall stats outside hp loss and 2 hits (9.4k ATK and 7k HP) 
  • Crit rate booster leader skill for mono jet black teams (Works especially well with barrage Levi)
  • Best tag (Scouts)
  • Slow SP charge rate 

Jean Kirschtein (Scouts)

Jean scouts
  • Amazing all rounder stats (8k HP and ATK)
  • 4 cost and scout tag
  • 20% atk boost for allies on SP (Average charge rate)
  • 3 hits and low HP loss
  • Unique ability providing bonus damage to crimson units on footless titans

A Tier Explanations

Ilse Langnar

  • Best AoE Unit for scouts
  • Boosts own Max HP and heals teammates when using SP
  • Best tag (Scouts)
  • 24% HP lead for scouts
  • One of the Highest HP in the game

Sasha Braus

  • Boosts own Max HP and heals teammates when using SP (Even if there HP hits 0) 
  • Great overall stats outside of hp loss and only 4 cost
  • Doesn't benefit from scout leaders (Training corps)

Mikasa Ackerman (Jet Black)

  • One of the best leader skills in the game, providing a 40% start gauge SP boost for scout units
  • Highly valued AoE unit
  • Best tag (Scouts)
  • Great AoE SP skill but situational 

Jean Kirstein (Halloween)

  • 2nd Highest damaging assault unit at 3 cost
  • Deploys as an offensive unit on SP which is generally less useful than AoE (Can get incapacitated)
  • Deployed offensive unit still acts as an assault unit (Frees grabbed allies) 
  • Fast SP Charge rate
  • Scout tag

Oruo Bozad

  • Amazing atk boosting SP that can make one of the hardest hitters in the game (Consistent 180-210% boost)
  • Very fragile due to his low hp
  • Great 40% hp boost for scouts leader skill
  • 4 cost
  • Best tag (Scouts)
  • Strongest silver unit

Levi (Jet Black)

  • Barrage ability that allows him to build up damage (5 hits)
  • Useful against jumping/falling titans
  • Must land both his 4th and 5th hit to deal significant damage otherwise becomes outclassed
  • Best tag (Scouts)
  • Decent AoE SP skill but not likely to be used often


  • Highest damaging assault unit at 3 cost
  • Scout tag
  • Great AoE Circle SP with fast charge rate

Conny Springer

  • 3rd Highest damaging assault unit at 3 cost
  • Good horizontal SP but less reliable than Nanaba
  • Scout tag


  • High damaging 3 cost assault unit (9.7k atk stat)
  • AoE horizontal SP with an average charge rate
  • Scout tag

Hange Zoe (Silver)

  • Great stats while also only being 4 cost
  • Ally atk boosting SP but not overly useful due to 4 cost
  • Best tag (Scouts)
  • Boosted damage towards armless titans
  • 2 hits leaves her more vulnerable to certain titans

B Tier Explanations

Hange Zoe (Sky Blue)

  • Best 3 cost arm cutter
  • Amazing 80% ally atk boosting SP
  • Benefits from scout tag
  • Great against charge attack titans

Annie Leonhart

  • Strongest 4 cost AoE Unit 
  • AoE SP that deals minor damage as well blind damage to all enemies in range and fast charge rate 
  • Heavily restricted Military Police tag 

Eren Jaeger (Crimson) 

  • 2nd best titan shifter, currently outclassed by SS Eren
  • High attack stat but limited to 1 hit
  • Scout tag
  • Slow SP charge rate
  • 1 Hit leaves him vulnerable to falling/jumping titans


  • Best 2 cost assault unit, useful for cycling through cards
  • Scout tag
  • Great damaging SP but terrible hitbox and slow SP charge rate

Jean Kirschtein (Cadets)

  • Useful attack boosting SP but not as great as Oruo due to 5 cost
  • Great 40% hp boost leader skill for training corps units
  • One of the highest HP in the game

Reiner Braun (Halloween)

  • Targets titans with the highest HP on the field (Can be a drawback or positive)
  • Great stats for a free unit 
  • Atk boosting SP that slightly increases his damage
  • 4 cost and 3 hits
  • Scout tag

Armin Arlelt (Crimson)

  • Very useful Stun ability that is able to immobilize titans
  • Average all rounder stats and 4 cost
  • Poor small range AoE SP
  • Doesn't benefit from scout leaders (cadet corp)
  • Struggles against groups of titans as stun is single target


  • Great stats for a free unit 
  • 4 cost and 3 hits
  • Scout tag
  • Damage boosting ability/SP against leaping titans 


  • Military police tag which is currently very limited
  • Highest damaging 2 cost assault unit
  • Average single target 5 hit SP

Petra Rall (Gold)

  • Another 3 cost assault unit, outclassed by Nanaba and Conny
  • Scout tag
  • Multi-hit AoE SP that hits up to 3 times per titan

Levi (Swimsuit)

  • Another barrage unit but with only 4 hits, outclassed by jet black Levi
  • Mediocre SP that gives a minimal damage boost to the barrage effect
  • Scout tag
  • Slow SP charge rate

Mikasa Ackerman (Silver)

  • Another AoE unit but heavily outclassed by jet black Mikasa
  • Mediocre SP, only providing minimal damage increase 
  • Scout tag
  • 4 hits total but generally not useful for AoE units

Annie Leonhart

  • Best leader skill for training corps, providing a 50% start gauge SP boost
  • Atk boosting SP that allows her to do considerable amounts of damage
  • Mediocre attack stat outside SP but enough to fulfil AoE role
  • One of the only 4 cost AoE unit

C Tier Explanations

Bertholdt Hoover (Silver)

  • Substitute Annie leader, providing a 40% start gauge SP boost for training corps
  • Best 2 cost assault unit for training corps
  • Weak in terms of damage but useful for support or card cycling
  • Average AoE Circle SP

Bertholdt Hoover (Sky Blue)

  • Great stats for 4 cost
  • High hp loss rate
  • Increased damage for first 3 hits
  • 1 Hit leaves him vulnerable to falling/jumping titans
  • Scout tag
  • Mediocre SP that boosts the effect of his build up damage

Erwin Smith (Gold)

  • Great 20% atk leader for scouts but can't be used with S-Tier Erwin
  • High attack stat but limited to 1 hit
  • Mediocre SP that stuns 4 titans for up to 14 seconds
  • Scout tag
  • 1 Hit leaves him vulnerable to falling/jumping titans

Eld Gin

  • All rounder stats but does not excel in anything 
  • Low damaging AoE SP with high SP charge rate
  • Scout tag

Reiner Braun (Gold)

  • Deals significant damage towards large titans but has a very low attack stat towards small titans
  • Situational single target boss killer SP
  • Terrible hp loss rate
  • Scout tag


  • Lackluster stats with 4 hits
  • Very high hp loss rate
  • Decent AoE SP skill but not likely to be used often
  • Scout tag

Reiner Braun (Sky Blue)

  • One of the slowest attacking units in the game
  • Cancel attack ability but is usually too slow to be useable
  • Useful damaging horizontal SP
  • Average stats with high HP loss rate

Marco Bodt

  • Free 5 star (Can 6 star)
  • 18% atk boost leader for training corps
  • Best 2 cost leg cutter
  • Great against falling/jumping titans, situational outside of that


D Tier Explanations

Christa Lenz (Gold)

  • Another barrage unit but heavily outclassed in stats 
  • Terrible single target SP that does low damage and leg/arm cut
  • Scout tag

Rico Brzenska

  • The only three cost 5 star
  • 20% atk leader for Garrison (Limited in units)
  • Terrible stats and is generally not worth the cost
  • Decent AoE SP but lacks damage


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