AX2018 KLab Industry Panel: Love Live! School Idol Festival

Love Live! School Idol Festival

Love Live!, the entire project is not just KLabGames. We work together with a very talented pool of companies, the entire production committee, make the Love Live project happen. It is a huge, huge franchise. It’s a big deal in Japan and also a big deal to a lot of people around the world, and we were very lucky to be a part of that. There was a lot of stuff that has gone on and the past year and we just wanted to hit on that.

Year in Review

Aquors Second LoveLive! did anyone get the chance to go It was in Japan? There is a really cool stuff that went on there. if you were not able to go to the LoveLive! then perhaps you got this special login bonus. There are more logging bonuses than just this, so do not kid yourself, it gets better.

Animation too, who watched season 2 of Love Live! Sunshine!! Sarah and I, what do we do the other day? Yeah, we went to the Numazu. Yeah, I cannot. I mean, you guys are free to do whatever you want. But if you go to Japan, and you are a fan of Love Live, especially Sunshine, I highly recommend going to the Numazu. With so many places that are right out of the anime, it's just incredible.

The people there, they're all about it. They let us take pictures. We did we went to the aquarium, and we got to interview Ucchichi.  Everywhere we went, they said he speaks perfect English. That's all they could talk about. He was very nice, but he did not say a word. Yeah, he doesn't speak English. He didn't speak anything. But he was very kind and his hugs were very warm.

If you are paying attention to the fifth anniversary project right now. This is a huge deal, Love Love! going on five years strong. Just absolutely, so much stuff going on.

How many of you guys play the JP version? You been getting quite the goods this year. There's been a lot of specials going on there. Just wait, WorldWide, maybe next year will be just as fun. But yes, look at this fifth anniversary so much fun. And we brought there was actually a series of TV commercials that are going on Japan. 

The Journey Continues

The journey continues with Aqours LoveLive! which is going on right now. They got like a show in... Oh God, is it tomorrow?

They are hard workers. I would not want to do that. Anime Expo is enough for me. But yes, they're working hard. They're having a great time. It's not over there, because there is a 4th LoveLive! I don't know if you guys know about this, but they announced the other day - Sailing to the Sunshine. Will they come back? I hope so.

November 17, 18th, 2018 in Tokyo Dome. This is gonna be big. Also, they announced that the 4th LoveLive!  on CD. Thank you friends. This is going on sale in Japan and August 1, 2018. Hopefully, you guys will be able to get this.

Also, I know you guys. I don’t know if anyone has said too much. We have a little video for you to watch.

Love Live! School Idol Festival ALL STARS

That's all I can say, but this is footage from the game. This is not like some magic PV that they made. As you can see, the game is beautiful. But yeah, this is going to be exciting. We're super pumped about it at KLabGames. Hopefully you guys are super pumped about it as well.

But there's more. The Sunshine Movie: School over the Rainbow is coming to theaters in Japan on January 2019. Hopefully you guys can get excited about this as well. I know there's not anything super big stated here. Every time there’s new content addition like this, like a new anime season or a new movie, it just means so much, so much for the Love Live franchise as a whole. And so hopefully you guys are looking forward to this as well.

Announcement: Summer of Love Live! 2018

Now we just want to talk a little bit about Love Live! Summer Fest that’s going on right now. You guys know that this is this is global only, right? Japan did not get this. This is just for you guys. We had the worldwide poster girl campaign last year, that was just for global. This is something that we want to put more love, time, and attention into. We have so many wonderful players around the world. It's very cool that we get to do stuff like this. So this is going on right now. You're gonna vote for the girls that you think best represents summer.

Yes, I know for some of us this means just vote for best girls. That is not what it says on the screen. I know, I know you guys want you want the free scout, 11 scouting, right? I understand, it but the rules are you gonna remember that the member that best represents summer, not your best girl. Members voted first and second place they will be included upcoming free scout 11 scouting.

The voting started the other day on the Fourth of July, the birth of this great nation and also the start of the Summer Girl Election. Both equally important events in the history of the world, and this will go on till Sunday, July 15. The results are starting to tally in. We've seen a wonderful, wonderful showing, and the final results will be announced in late July. Hopefully, we'll be able to give you a little update along the way before then. That's all I'm gonna say about that. Just vote and then you get one Love Gem. That's money for you, going back in your pocket. The summer is heating up for Global Version.

Don't forget to vote, because that is going to be huge!

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