AX2019: How to Find the Hidden Crunchyroll HQ Play Lounge at Anime Expo 2019

AX2019: How to Find the Hidden Crunchyroll HQ Play Lounge at Anime Expo 2019
  • Walkthrough to the hidden Crunchyroll HQ Lounge at Anime Expo
  • Fill stamp card to unlock the 804x Banaya Swimming Pit

If you’re tired of the human tidal wave at the main Anime Expo happenings at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Crunchyroll got you covered with their hidden Crunchyroll HQ lounge open to all AX attendees -- if you know where to find it!

GamePress got the secret tour from Crunchyroll, so follow this strategy guide to unlock this secret AX2019 location!

What you’ll find at Crunchyroll HQ

  • Chill & Tea Lounge

  • Photo opportunities with Crunchyroll anime displays

  • Comfy Couches to sit down

  • Demo stations for upcoming titles from Crunchyroll Games

    • Mob Psycho 100: Psychic Battle

    • RWBY: Crystal Quest

    • Attack on Titans: Tactics

    • Grand Summoner

  • Bananyan Pit: require 5 stamps on your stamp card to unlock (by each of the activities above).

How to get there

Crunchyroll HQ Lounge is not at the convention center! It’s at The NOVO, adjacent to JW Marriot.

Follow the pink light! Once you’re outside of the main convention center, orient yourself towards the giant pink Magia Record Iroha and Madoka billboard and start trekking north on Figueroa.

Keep going up Figueroa and make a left you see the Toyota Sign:

Look UP and find The NOVO sign, you have found the Crunchyroll HQ hideout!

Walk up 3 flights of stairs

Congrats, you made it!

Enjoy this secret getaway from Anime Expo!

Keep tuned in to GamePress for our Mob Psycho 100: Psychic Battle, RWBY: Crystal Quest, Attack on Titans: Tactics first impressions!


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