Azur Lane 11/21 Update: Warspite Retrofit, and Black Friday sale!

  • Warspite retrofit event

  • x3 Core data drops

  • New skins

  • Black friday sale and rerun of every Limited Skin


  • The Warrior's Special Training - 11/21 ~ 12/04
    • You can obtain the “Warrior Mastery” item necessary to perform Warspite Retrofit!

  • Core Data x3 Drop - 11/22 ~ 12/01

System Changes

  • Background of Academy changes to winter
  • Naval curry (dorm food) changes to Roast Turkey
  • Optimize the logic when selecting materials in Limit Break and Retrofit page
  • Zoom in and out secretaries!

New Retrofit

  • Warspite Retrofit

New Skins (11/21 ~ 12/04)

  • Glasgow - A Maid in Class 
  • Memphis - Mystical Night (Obtainable by completing event)

Black Friday Sale (11/21 ~ 12/04)

  • Limited skin rerun (120 available!)
  • Black Friday box (1 purchase limited)

For the full list, check out the tweet below!

New Memories

  • Tirpitz
  • Deutschland
  • Warspite


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