Azur Lane 11/27 Update: Hololive x Azur Lane Collaboration!

  • New Hololive Event running between 11/27 and 12/10
  • New Dorm Set
  • Shirakami Fubuki,Natsuiro Matsuri and more VTtubers from Hololive will be obtainable during the event period
  • Core Data Item Shop Update


  • Available between 11/27 ~ 12/10
  • Looking Glass of Fact and Fiction (Collect P-TNT to exchange for rewards)
  • Good Morning Azur Lane (Complete seven-day mission to achieve event furniture and other rewards)
  • HOLOLIVE Resistance (Complete minigame to achieve event-exclusive gear and other rewards)
  • Mio’s Divination Hall (Accumulate FP to receive Ookami Mio)
  • Available between 11/27 ~ 12/17
  • Port Terminal (Complete collab event missions to achieve an event-exclusive furniture - Hololive Company Building) 

New Characters

  • Available between 11/27 ~ 12/10

    • Shirakami Fubuki - [Super Rare] Destroyer

    • Natsuiro Matsuri - [Elite] Destroyer

    • Minato Aqua - [Super Rare] Submarine

    • Ookami Mio (reward of event Mio’s Divination Hall) - [Elite] Aircraft Carrier

    • Nakiri Ayame - [Elite] Heavy Cruiser

  • Available between 11/27 ~ 12/17

    • Tokino Sora (Exchange in PT Shop) - [Super Rare] Aircraft Carrier

    • Murasaki Shion (Reward from accumulative PT) - [Elite] Light Aircraft Carrier

  • December Check-In

    • Arashio - [Rare] Destroyer

New Skins 11/27 ~ 12/10

  • Shirakami Fubuki - Beachside Fox
  • Natsuiro Matsuri - Matsuri’s Day Off
  • Minato Aqua - Marine Maid
  • Ookami Mio - Summer Vacation
  • Nakiri Ayame - Summertime Nakiri
  • Tokino Sora - Under the Clear Sky
  • Murasaki Shion - Virtual Magician

New Furniture (11/27 ~ 12/17)

  • Hololive Virtual Idol Project Dorm Set

New Items on Gem Shop (11/27~12/17)

  • Limited Build Supplies (1 purchase limited)

  • Limited Strategic Supplies (5 purchase limited)

  • Decor Token Pack (2 purchase limited)

December Core Shop Items Update

  • No.100/500 High-Octane Fuel

  • Landing Guide

New Character Voices

  • Shirakami Fubuki as Shirakami Fubuki

  • Natsuiro Matsuri as Natsuiro Matsuri

  • Minato Aqua as Minato Aqua

  • Ookami Mio as Ookami Mio

  • Nakiri Ayame as Nakiri Ayame

  • Tokino Sora as Tokino Sora

  • Murasaki Shion as Murasaki Shion

  • All of their skins will be voiced as well

Whats Hololive?

VTuber Office - Hololive is an agency of Virtual Youtubers made by Cover Corp that covers gameplays in their various youtube channels, usually divided by their debut date (1st, 2nd, or 3rd batch), Azur Lane is receiving 7 of thesahe VTubers in the upcoming collab.


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