Azur Lane Announces U-110 Event: Jaws and Enigma!

announcement event
  • U-110 will be available craft from the Special Construction Pool
  • The Jaws and Enigma event will also be running, from which U-110 can be obtained as a task reward.
  • U-110 has a skin available for purchase, Kleiner Hai

Event Overview

On October 19, Azur Lane EN Twitter hinted at the U-110 event with a ship reveal.

This event will be very similar to the Graf Spee event. U-110 will be a task reward and will also be available in the Special Construction Pool (1.4%* / 00:11:00). Three event stages and four event tasks will be active during the event.

*Percentage subject to change

How to Obtain U-110 and Event Rewards

Clearing SP3 60 times will reward a copy of U-110, one T3 Cruiser Blueprint, one T2 Cruiser Blueprint, and one Skin Rental Ticket from the event tasks.

Event Period

This event will most likely begin after the 10/23 maintenance at 00:00 PDT.

New Skin Available

U-110’s school uniform skin was also announced:

Kleiner Hai (780 Gems)


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