Azur Lane launches in South America

Azur Lane launch in SA
  • Azur Lanes launches officially in South America!

  • Plenty of christmas based events

Azur Lane says “Hola! Cómo están?”

19 December, 2019 - Azur Lane launches in South American countries. Now, players from this region can download the game via the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

As a Latin player, this is really exciting and makes me happy that I can now tell some friends to try out the game plus, having official support is always nice.

Christmas events!

Azur Lane will hold a plethora of Christmas events to show gratitude towards the Latin community and, of course, celebrate this holiday season!

These events will run from 12/19/2019 till 01/02/2020. 

These events were already highlighted in the latest patch notes, but to give a brief summary of each event:

  • 7-day Login Bonus – IJN Wakaba Christmas Costume

    • Log in for 7 days and complete the special missions to receive the brand new costume for IJN Wakaba

  • Event Highlight – Research Ships Season 2 

    • After the very exciting release of Research Ships in early May this year, we get to welcome the next wave of ships which includes the new two stellar warships IJN Azuma and KMS Friedrich der Große, tagging along also come IJN Kitakaze, MNF Gascogne, USS Georgia, and USS Seattle.

    • This event is added permanently and players can go at their own pace completing each task at any moment.

  • New Costumes And New Dorm

    • Brand new christmas themed costumes will be added for limited time ships as HMS Neptune, IJN Agano, USS Concord, IJN Isuzu, and IJN Kiyonami will have these new costumes available for purchase.

    • A new dorm set will be available too: Fairytale town


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