Azur Lane Reruns "Pursuit of Graf Spee" Event!


- Graf Spee is available in Heavy Construction (2.5%, 1:55:00), or for completing all Event Tasks.

- Two costumes are available for her (Maiden's Sunday, Daily Peaceful Life)

-  Story and 3 Event Maps available.


In a surprising turn of events, on October 5th Azur Lane EN official tweeted the Pursuit of Graf Spee Rerun instead of the Mikasa event, starting the next maintenance.

This event features the titular Admiral Graf Spee, obtainable through Heavy Construction (at 2.5% / 1:55:00 timer) or as an Event Task reward.  

In addition to the Graf Spee Festivities, there are three event Maps, as well as Event Tasks.  

Clearing SP3 a total of 60 times will clear all event tasks, and yield a copy of Graf as well as 4x T2 Cruiser Blueprints and 2x T3 Cruiser blueprints total.


Graf Spee has two costumes available for purchase: 

Maiden's Sunday (800 gems)


Daily Peaceful Life (700 gems)



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