Brown Dust Update Brings the Most Content Since Launch


On July 11, 2019, an update was released for mobile game Brown Dust. In the Companion Update, players will receive special characters that are actually equipment, which will raise the level of your characters. 

In addition, players will be able to select which character they would like to have a "rate-up" for when summoning new characters. 

In addition, special rewards will be granted for players during the months of July and August: 

During the months of July and August, players completing Event Missions can exchange collected materials for up to three Companions, as well as receive log-in rewards, including a free ★5 Mercenary. What’s more, beginning July 18th, in order to mark Brown Dust’s 500th day since launching in Japan (or since the Global launch), players on any server can log-in to receive a ★5 Random Mercenary, Diamonds, and more!

A special 500th Day Package, granting a ★5 Skill Book, Premium Scrolls, Honor Points, Red Slimes, and more, will be available in the Diamond store from July 17-30th.

You can download the game at the links below!

Download for iOSDownload on Android

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