Card Battle RPG Vanguard ZERO to be released April 9th!

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Vanguard ZERO, a Card Battle RPG based on the highly acclaimed TCG, "Cardfight!! Vanguard" will be arriving on iOS and Android mobile devices April 9th

About Vanguard ZERO

Compared to the physical TCG, Vanguard ZERO is designed to provide a streamlined experience that hopes to serve both devoted fans and introduce new people to the series.  On mobile, the goal is to make gameplay quick and accessible, while maintaining the strategy and characters that fans love.  Vanguard Zero will feature both a story campaign and competitive PvP mode. 


Combat is streamlined for a mobile experience!

The Story mode will feature scenes from the anime, allowing viewers to explore the world of Vanguard on mobile!

story mode

Outside of these battles, the game will have customizable features like a home screen and "My Room" that can be arranged with furniture and host characters.  Interestingly, the My Room will also have special dialogue between characters fully voiced by the original Anime Voice Actors, bringing more for fans of the anime.  

home screen

The home screen can be customized with your favorite character!

my room



Vanguard ZERO also hit its pre-registration goal of over 40k, the total amount of likes/follows on Facebook/Twitter, respectively.  As a rewards, players will receive a total of 20 booster packs. If Pre-Registration hits 50k, they will add an additional 20 packs for a total of 40 starting Booster Packs.  Pre-Registration will continue until April 9th, 2020, and can be done at the following links:

Vanguard Official FacebookVanguard Official Twitter

For more information, check out the Vanguard ZERO Official site here!


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