Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls - Nov. 13 Update

Campaign Login Bonus
  • New login campaign
  • New Grimoires: Hard Mode for Book 3 (Ash Banquet), Normal Mode for Book 5 (Dark Laughter)
  • New gacha banner (Shanoa focus) 

Nov. 13 Update


First things first to start off the details of the Nov. 13 Grimoire of Souls update: we have a new login bonus! While the fourteen day bonuses we normally get are nothing to write home about, these extra login bonuses supply us with 1200 gems along with plenty of other goodies. Detailed in order, the rewards are:

Login Bonuses
1 500 Gems 8 3000 Gold
2 1x Enhancement Rune (500 XP) 9 2x Trial Quill
3 2x Trial Quill 10 300 Gems
4 2000 Gold 11 5000 Gold
5 300 Gems 12 2x Enhancement Rune (500 XP)
6 2x Trial Quill 13 2x Trial Quill
7 2x Enhancement Rune (500 XP) 14 5000 Gold

We don't have any quality of life changes this time around, but we do have new features! Released were Book 5, Dark Laughter, and Book 3 Hard, Ash Banquet. No spoilers, Book 5 retells the story of Shanoa's time as you face off against many new-to-the-game foes!

New Grimoire

The ingame enhancement limit for weapons armor and subweapons is now sixteen, but more souls are needed from Grimoires we do not yet have to continue. The total amount of gems you can get in these two weeks without achievements is as follows:

  • 2150 to rank to Master in Bounty Hunt
  • 1200 from special Login
  • 600 for clearing three chapters
  • 1500 for clearing two bosses 
  • 2560 for getting three stars in each stage released
  • 400 gems for weekly achievements

All in total that's 8410 gems you can get for banners without normal login cycles, character level up achievements, account rank up achievements or any other account special endeavors. Now, should you actually use any of these on the banner? Keep reading.

New Banner

Shanoa Banner

And of course, as is now customary, a new Gacha banner! In this update, the star showcase is a "Limited" weapon for Shanoa and a Limited armor piece. Are either really any good?

Well, let's start with the weapon side.

  • None of the weapons are really great except for Maria's Bomb Chicken.
  • Shanoa's "Limited" weapon is just her farmable 5 star weapon from beating 5-3-5 or the boss of the Grimoire. Not very worth the gems if you ask me.

On the armor side:

  • The Aegis shield's active is a bit… meh. However, if you have enough to try pulling two copies? I'd recommend doing so, as it has the best armor passive you could dream of, Atk +5%. If you're stacking those passives you're otherwise limited to 3 star gear. This would greatly aid offensive players.
  • If you play Maria, it should be noted her extremely good print The Four Guardians is on a rate up! 

TL;DR gacha advice: Skip weapons, only dump into armor if Maria main or you can afford to go for two Aegis shields.

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