Crab War Gets Hungry with Hungry Ghost Festival

  • The ghastly event is asking players to tap on cursed butterflies for great rewards

There have been some developments in rapid-passive-tapper Crab War... and the fearsome beasts coming from the depths are something to be reckoned with.

Our beloved multicolored bonus butterflies have been replaced with ghastly cursed butterflies, which must be clicked on to summon pearls, gems, conches, and more -- including a new ghostly crab skin! This JiangShi shell echoes with the cries of your fallen crab brethren, and it's here to avenge its crustacean comrades.

There's also a change to the Survival of the Fittest tournament mode where players now will get a special buff for the tournament duration.

If you're unfamiliar with Crab War, it's a pretty sweet game for a passive tapper. All you need is fast fingers, excess time, and low attention to detail to work through the various stages, unlocking more powerful crabs and beating back the reptilian (and in this case ghostly) foes, and collect currency to make more powerful crabs. With a handful of special moves on various cooldowns and the continued satisfaction of vengeance by crab claws, Crab War is sure to burn at least a few hours off your day.

To download on iOS or Android, hit the links below.

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