Crunchyroll Games Anime Expo 2019 Round-Up: Attack on Titan, Mob Psycho 100, and More

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Over the weekend at Anime Expo, GamePress was invited to visit Crunchyroll HQ and try out the different games they are bringing to North American fans.  These are our first impressions!

Attack on Titan: TACTICS


Attack on Titan Tactics is a real-time strategy/tower defense game where players deploy their favorite characters to defend against waves of incoming Titans.  

Starting with the login screen, players are instantly taken in by the famous Season 1 Anime Opening, Guren no Yumiya.  From there, players can swipe between different parts of the Walls to access different game functions, like the barracks, team strengthening, or even the gacha.

The story mode follows the Anime very closely, with scenes, music, and voice acting making it a compelling companion medium for people of all familiarity with the series.  With story development supervised by the mangaka Hajime Isayama himself, not only do fans get to see more stories of the main cast, but also fleshed out side-stories for the many characters who don't normally get the spotlight.  

Gameplaywise, players bring in a deck of soldiers and weapons like cannons/mortars to fend off the Titans.  Like a tower defense, Titans come in waves and players deploy their units to eliminate them. However, once deployed the units automatically chase down Titans, with a stamina meter before they must return.  Different unit niches, as well as gauge-based skill activation, adds for strategic depth, and I imagine there'll be different Titan behaviors in later stages as well.  

Although the interface meant to reflect the style of Attack on Titan might seem dated to some people, the game ran pretty well.  The complexity of character strengthening seems overwhelming at first, but will probably extend the activities for players to do.  

GamePress also interviewed DeNA on Attack on Titan Tactics, you can catch it here soon!


RWBY Crystal Quest

RWBY Crystal Quest is a puzzle game where players swap and match at least 3 Dust Crystals to clear them.  The major draw of the game is the RWBY Chibi characters cheering players on while they play, available in many different costumes as well.  

While this may appeal to RWBY fans looking for a RWBY branded puzzle game, that is practically the whole of its appeal.


Grand Summoners

Crunchyroll also demoed Grand Summoners.  Unlike the other games in this article, Grand Summoners is already available for download and has been running for a while.  While Crunchyroll has previously partnered with them for collaborations such as That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, the most recent feature is their Goblin Slayer collaboration, which offers exclusive characters, cosmetics, and a campaign login bonus.  

Grand Summoners is a story-driven JRPG, with a sprite-based auto-battle system with player input for skill activations and target selection.  On the whole, fans of both Grand Summoners and Goblin Slayer will enjoy the collaboration event, with hopefully more anime collaborations to come in the future.  

Mob Psycho 100: Psychic Battle


The personal favorite of the GamePress staff, Mob Psycho 100 Psychic Battle is a semi-turn based JRPG, featuring characters from the widely popular anime Mob Psycho 100.  

Although in the demo version the characters could only do a basic or ultimate attack (on a cooldown), the ultimate attack animations were dynamic and impactful.  Voice actors reprise their roles and bring their characters to life in this modeled 3D world, while the dimension change still retains the charm of the anime art style.  

In the future, players will also see animated scenes, making the game another great experience for fans of the anime or people new to the series.  Additionally, the production value looks excellent for various features, such as the "Esper Recruitment" screen. Overall, GamePress looks forward to the release of this game!  Pre-Registration can be found here:

Mob Psycho 100: Psychic Battle Official Site

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