Dailies Checklist for AFK Arena

  • Best things to do: Collect free items and AFK Rewards, attempt basic levels, and do the Guild Hunt to keep up



This item is found under the "Daily Deals" tab.

  • Free Gift in the shop -- 20 Diamonds and 2 Elite Hero Soulstones

  • Fast Rewards - 2 hours’ worth of materials

  • Dispatch Teams for all Bounties - Various resources

  • Buy Hero’s Essence in the Store

  • Tackle the Guild Hunt

  • Attempt the latest Campaign stage

  • Attempt the current King's Tower floor

  • Use up all Arena Tickets

  • Swap out Heroes on the Resonating Crystal

Evaluate your Resonating Crystal 

The early game is a perfect time to try out different Heroes and experiment with team composition. If you’re stuck on a level in the campaign, reconfiguring can help, so it’s always in your best interest to keep options leveled on the Resonating Crystal. Empty slots offer a great deal of flexibility, so when a Hero doesn’t work out, remove them to get the timer started in preparation for any new ones being pulled or Ascended. 

Buy All Hero's Essence

The Store (General, accessed from Ranhorn or any store's leftmost tab) always has a pile of violet powder for Gold. Since Hero's Essence is such a bottleneck for upgrading, this is always a good deal and should be bought daily using gold earned from AFK Rewards.

Activity Points


Note that not all of these tasks must be completed for full rewards, and most will be filled naturally by doing the above tasks and attempting content daily.

Challenge A Boss x10
Level Up Your Hero Once x10
Enhance Your Gear Once x10
Begin a Battle in the King’s Tower x10
Begin a Battle in the Arena of Heroes x20
Collect Loot Two Times x10
Gift A friend Companion Points One Time x10
Use the Fast Rewards function once x10
Summon a Hero at the Tavern x20
Take part in a Guild Hunt once x10


Summon 20 Heroes at the Tavern x20
Defeat the Boss in the Arcane Labyrinth’s First Floor 3 times x10
Defeat the Boss on the Arcane Labyrinth’s Third Floor once x20
Purchase an Item/Hero in the Labyrinth Store Once x10
Purchase Items from the Store 5 times x10
Purchase Equipment from the Guild Store once x10
Attain 15 Victories in the Arena of Heroes x20
Begin 5 Team Bounty Quests x10
Ascend 2 Heroes at the Temple of Ascension x10


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