Android #17 Story Event Equipment Meta

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Article by Raditz
android 17 equipment meta


The most recent Android #17 Story Event not only gave us Z-Power for EX Android #17 RED as mission rewards but three new Equips as well. This guide will help players decide which on Equips to use and dive a little deeper into EX Android #17 RED ’s toolkit and Team Synergy.


Equip Condition
Android #17
Sale Price

This Is an exclusive Equip for any Android #17 variant.

Special Arts Damage Up 4% - 10%

This is especially valuable for SP Android #17 PUR, as his Super Electric Strike Special an area of attack Specia Movel that deals major Slice Damage, Debuffs Strike Defense by 20%, and has a 40% chance to inflict Paralysis.

Base Strike Defense Up 6% - 15%

This one is great for the current Meta, because Strike-centric Teams--whether they’re Hybrid Saiyan or Saiyan--tend to be quite common.

Base Vanish Recovery Up 5% - 12.5%

This is really important Buff since the side-step update dropped and made this tactic a huge priority.

Too Bad! You Were Close

Equip Condition
Android #17, Android #18
Sale Price

This Equip is exclusive to Android #17 or Android #18 variant.

Base Blast Defense Up 8% - 20%

This is particularly great for SP Android #17 PUR, a Tank Fighter. Alternatively, EX Android #18 GRN already has one of the highest Blast Defense stats in the game, so this Equip would only further Boost her durability.

Base Critical Up 4% - 10%

The second slot gives a 4%-10% Buff to base Critical. While Critical tends to be a very inconsistent Stat, in the long-run this can be moderately useful for SP Android #18 YEL, who has one of the highest Critical stats in the game.

Defense Up 6% - 15%

This coupled with the potential 20% Blast Defense can be used by SP Android #17 PUR in an attempt to mitigate incoming Damage from SP SSJ Kid Trunks YEL, a popular Ranged Fighter who is commonly used against SP Android #17 PUR due to his color advantage.

This Should Be Fun!

Equip Condition
Android #17, Saiyan
Sale Price

This Equip is also exclusive to Android #17 variant or Saiyan Fighter.

Base Blast Attack Up 6% - 15%

SP Android #17 PUR--despite being a Tank--has excellent Blast Attack. Alternatively, any Blast based Saiyan can make use of this. SP Super Vegeta YEL is a powerful Ranged Fighter that didn’t have a good Blast Damage Equip until now, so this is already a huge improvement. Other viable Saiyans include SP SSJ Goku GRN, SP Super Gogeta RED, and SP Vegeta PUR.

Base Health Up 5% - 12.5%

Health is a very important stat when it comes to basic survivability in PVP or PVE.

Damage Up 6% - 15%

Once again, any Fighter who can use this Equip will love it since Hybrid Saiyans are so popular in the Meta right now.

EX Android #17 RED

Power Level
HP 341,445 Rank: 55 / 112
Strike ATK 33,485 Rank: 37 / 112
Blast ATK 27,903 Rank: 68 / 112
Strike DEF 19,734 Rank: 78 / 112
Blast DEF 20,334 Rank: 81 / 112
934Rank: 66 / 112
Ki Restore Speed
1,745Rank: 65 / 112

EX Android #17 RED is a well-rounded, Strike based fighter that brings two Strike Cards to your deck. He also has a Cover Unique Ability, meaning he reduces damage by 20% when switched into a Combo.

He has incredible Synergy with SP Android #16 GRN, a Melee Fighter with a weak Blast Attack Stat. EX Android #16 GRN should have access to as many Strike Arts cards as possible, so pairing these two together in a team is ideal when building a Team with EX Android #17 RED in mind.

Not only does EX Android #17 RED pair nicely with SP Android #16 GRN, but SP Android #16 GRN can help with EX Android #17 RED’s weakness against Blue Fighters as an effective color-counter Tank. These two also work well with SP Android #17 PUR, which overall makes for a strong Defensive Team with effective color variance. EX Android #17 RED also helps SP Android #17 PUR with his weakness to Yellow Fighters.

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