Another Future! The Android Menace Event Guide

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Get ready for a heated battle based on the original series versus characters sent here from the near Future. Battle your way through the androids and Future Saiyans to ensure the safety of the Future.

This event is much easier compared to some of the newer high difficulty events. Completing every challenge, however, could be somewhat time-consuming. Overall, the rewards for full completion of each challenge and mission is worth the time, in most cases.

Featured Fighter

This event offers EX Teen Trunks YEL as its featured Fighter. He makes for a pretty good bench option for Yellow Color Counter or Mono Yellow Teams. Having Blast Attack and Defense Buffs from a single bench Fighter is a force to be reckoned with in most cases.

However, his toolkit is somewhat lacking and his stats are not cohesive with his Z-ability which prevents him from making an impact in a PVP or PVE core.

HP 1,518,145
Strike ATK 176,095
Blast ATK 146,739
Strike DEF 102,753
Blast DEF 103,775
Ki Restore Speed
+17% to "Element: YEL" base Blast Attack and Defense during battle.
+20% to "Element: YEL" base Blast Attack and Defense during battle.
+22% to "Element: YEL" base Blast Attack and Defense during battle.
+23% to "Element: YEL" base Blast Attack and Defense during battle.

Event Exclusive Equipment

This event offers some really good Equipment. “You stay here!” is a Future tag exclusive that boasts insanely good stats and is a must-have when putting the finishing touches on Future Teams.

Another notable Equip “Darn Androids…”. This equip is a must-have exclusively for Green Extreme Fighters. It can effectively give Green Fighters more viability by offering ridiculous stat Buffs.

The last Equip is Silver and offers decent Buffs for Future Fighters including Special Move Damage which can great in the right places.

You stay here!

Type Gold
Equip Condition Future
Sale Price 30000
Base Strike Defense UP
6% - 15%
Base Blast Defense UP
6% - 15%
Base Strike Attack UP
8% - 20%

Darn Androids...

Type Gold
Equip Condition EXTREME, Green
Sale Price 30000
Base Strike Defense UP
5% - 25%
Base Blast Defense UP
5% - 25%
Base Strike Attack UP
6% - 25%
Base Blast Attack UP
6% - 25%
Base Health UP
5% - 12%

I'll do my best!

Type Silver
Equip Condition Future
Sale Price 10000
Base Strike Defense UP
5% - 15%
Base Blast Attack UP
5% - 15%
Special Move Damage UP
5% - 12.5%

Total First Drop Rewards

Total Challenge Rewards

First, get some Extreme Fighters ready because they will be needed for the challenges in EX-4 and EX-5 requiring the use of only three extreme characters.

The next unique challenge seen is about not taking a certain amount of Damage. The battles requiring this challenge include EX-2 (500,000), EX-4 (900,000)  and EX-5 (1,200,000).

Note: the Extreme Fighters challenge and damage sustained challenges can be done separately if the Extreme Fighters are preventing its completion.

The EX-5 battle will need to be done at least twice since it has both a “Clear without a Rising Rush” challenge and a “Land a Rising Rush K.O.” challenge in the same fight so Players should keep that in mind when allocating their Energy.

Completing all the challenges is important for farming Equipment and offer a grand total of 310 Chrono Crystals and 100 Rare Medals between challenges and first drop rewards.

Challenge Rewards

Challenge Complete Rewards


Mission Rewards

Completion Requirements Rewards from Mission

use 30 energy

battle 20 times using a Android Saga (Z) Character

get 20 pieces of equipment of gold rarity

raise EX Teen Trunks YEL up to level 1000

land a Trunks character's special move 5 times

land the rising rush 5 times

KO a Android character 10 times

complete 10 challenges in a story

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