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There has been a lot of confusion over the specifics of EX Bardock YEL’s Special Move Damage calculation. His Move does a crazy amount of Damage, so most people assume that the +75% Special Move Arts Power Buff affects the very Move that actives it. This is largely because the Attribute Buff symbol appears as soon as the Move is activated.

But every Special move that grants a Fighter Buff does this, so it’s difficult to prove or refute that.

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But after extensive playtesting, examining every frame of game recording, and calculating the Damage in a neutral Match, GamePress has figured out the source of the Special Move’s massive Damage output.

What the Move Does


Revolt Pile Can Teach

Deals major Pierce damage. +75% to own Special Move Arts power for 10 timer counts.

Cost 50

Revolt Pile has the following attributes:


  • Unlike other Specials, this Attack calculates Damage based on Bardock’s Strike Attack stat, not Complex Damage (which is a Fighter's Strike and Blast Attack stats averaged out).

  • This makes the Special Move even stronger than it would be if it calculated Damage using Complex Damage because EX Bardock YEL's Blast Attack stat is so low that it would make a Complex-based Special Arts Attack significantly weaker.

Pierce Damage:

  • Damage is slightly adjusted based on the Enemy’s Pierce resistance.

Arts Power:

  • Special Moves have a base Arts Power of 240 for all Fighters.
  • Revolting Pile increases the Arts Power calculated by 75 above the base value.
  • This actually translates to an overall Damage increase of ~30%, not 75%.
    • The incongruity of his Move's definition and execution is likely a translation error that occurred during his release update's localization process.


First, here’s a guide on how Dragon Ball Legends calculates Damage

$$ Damage = Base \times ArtsPower \times Stats \Delta \times Bonuses $$

Since Revolt Pile is Strike-based, it uses the same StatsΔ as other Strike Attacks. In the Damage formula, the only difference between Revolt Pile and Strike Arts Moves is its Arts Power:

  • Strike Arts Attacks are always calculated with an Arts Power of 100.
  • We can use the ratio of Special Damage and Strike Arts Damage to figure out experimentally how much Arts Power is Revolting Pile actually doing.
Test Setup

Level 1 EX Bardock YEL vs Level 1 HE Jaco RED

A basic Strike Arts Attack for EX Bardock YEL deals 1820 points of Damage:

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This falls in line with how the game typically calculates Strike Arts Damage:

$$ Damage = Base \times ArtsPower \times Stats \Delta \times Bonuses $$

$$ Strike Art = 27 \times 100 \times 0.675 \times 100% $$

$$ Strike Art = 1,822 $$

The first time Revolting Pile is used, it deals 5627 points of Damage:

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The Damage for Revolting Pile is calculated using this equation: 

$$ {{RevoltingPileArtsPower} \over {StrikeArtsArtsPower} } ={ {RevoltingPileDamage} \over {StrikeArtsDamage} }$$

$$ {RevoltingPileArtsPower \over 100 }= {5,627 \over 1820} $$

$$ RevoltingPileArtsPower = 309 $$

This is considerably higher Damage than what it would be dealing it was calculating Damage Based on Complex Damage: 

$$ Damage = Base \times ArtsPower \times Stats \Delta \times Bonuses $$

$$ Special = 27 \times 240 \times 0.565 \times 100% $$

$$ Special = 3,662 $$

A second Revolting Pile used within the 10 second Buff window deals 6,960, which is even higher than the first Revolting Pile: 

$$ {{RevoltingPileArtsPower2} \over {StrikeArtsArtsPower} } ={ {RevoltingPileDamage} \over {StrikeArtsDamage} }$$

$$ {RevoltingPileArtsPower2 \over 100 }= {6,960 \over 1820} $$

$$ RevoltingPileArtsPower = 382 $$


Based on play-testing:

  • 1st Revolting Pile has 309 Arts Power

  • 2nd Revolting Pile has 382 Arts Power

Since the two values are different, it becomes clear that something is changing and the second Revolting Pile is dealing more Damage than the first.

Theoretical Calculation:

  • 1st Revolting Pile: 240 + 75 = 315 Arts Power

  • 2nd Revolting Pile: 240 + 75 + 75 = 390 Arts Power

Accounting for the ~5% Damage variance that exists in Dragon Ball Legends' combat system, we can confirm that:

  • EX Bardock YEL Special Move Buff adds a 75 Arts Power to Special Damage (which comes out to about ~30% extra Damage), rather than adding a percentage the Special Move Arts Power.

  • The Buff applies first, thus Revolting Pile always starts with 315 Arts Power instead of the typical 240.

  • The buff stacks: What's especially interesting about this Move is that it actually deals ~60% Bonus Damage for Special Moves landed during the 10 timer counts after the first Special Move is landed. 

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