SP Gamma 1 (Green)

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SP Gamma 1 GRN is the first taste of DBS: Super Hero Fighters that we’ve gotten in Dragon Ball Legends and he is a very formidable Fighter. SP Gamma 1 GRN is all about Blast Damage as at his absolute peak, he can get up to 170% Blast Damage inflicted which can shred any neutral Fighter in the game. Defensively, he leaves much to be desired even though he has a 50% Damage Reduction once the battle starts.


Red-Ribbon Army Blast Demon

As mentioned in the Overview, SP Gamma 1 GRN is all about Blast Damage. On entry, he’ll have 130% Blast Damage inflicted and this coupled with his high Blast Attack stat, makes him one of the best Blast Damage dealers in the entire game. Gamma 1 can up his Blast Damage to even further heights once his Extra Arts has been activated. This gives his next Blast Arts a 100% Damage Inflicted increase which is mind-blowing. He force draws an Extra Arts twice upon entering the battlefield so you’ll surely be able to use this to your advantage.

His Main Ability gives a 40% Blast Damage Inflicted buff for 30 timer counts to make his Blast Damage even more absurd.

Heroic Entrance

SP Gamma 1 GRN’s Extra Arts is one of the best in the game simply due to him regaining 70% of his Vanish Gauge once it's been used up to three times(3x). This allows him to stay on the battlefield for longer periods of time and you can use it to your advantage to get priority on your opponent. 

As mentioned above, he gets a 100% Blast Damage inflicted increase for his next Blast Arts and he changes Strike Arts to Blast and reduces the cost of his Blast Arts by 5.

This Fighter is all about Blast.

No Blast Armor For You!

Similar to SP Angel Golden Frieza (ToP) GRN, SP Gamma 1 GRN has a 150% Blast Damage Inflicted increase against enemies that penetrate his Blast Arts. This keeps Fighter such as UL Gogeta BLU and SP SSB Vegito BLU, two of the most used Blast Armor Fighters, in check as they can’t risk getting hit by this as they’ll get decimated easily.


No Strike Damage

It’s safe to say that this Fighter won’t be doing any Strike Damage as he’ll only have 70% Damage Inflicted in regards to Strikes. Androids is currently somewhat of a mixed team so this might be detrimental to his in-game effectiveness.

Defensive Woes

SP Gamma 1 GRN has no form of healing and his 50% Damage Reduction isn’t enough to protect him from other top Meta Fighters.

Team Synergy


SP Gamma 1 GRN is easily the best GRN Fighter for the Androids team. He has a great Z-Ability for the team and he needs to be ran alongside other Android Fighters to get some of his Damage. Even though the team is sort of mixed in regards to Blast and Strikes, Gamma 1 can still prove to be a powerful Fighter that can deal great Damage against other Fighters.

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