SP Gohan (Adult) (Blue)

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Character Tier


Character Stats

Base Ultimate
Soul Boost
Power Level
HP 2,312,312
Strike ATK 234,301
Blast ATK 239,371
Strike DEF 152,930
Blast DEF 149,926
Ki Restore Speed

Character Info

Battle Style
Arts Cards Held


Gohan fighters have traditionally been quite powerful on release in Dragon Ball Legends, and SP Gohan (Adult) BLU is no exception. This Gohan hails from the Tournament of Power arc, and his awakened strength is something to behold. 

Gohan is something between a defensive pivot and a mixed-offense duelist, with some Support capabilities mixed in for added flavor. His Damage output ranges from mediocre to absurd after taking a couple hits, and thanks to his fantastic post-transformation Extra Arts Card, snagging hits with the prodigal son is far from difficult. 

As far as usage goes, Gohan is designed for Son Family and Hybrid Saiyan Teams. As a Blue Hybrid Saiyan, he has difficulty fitting on the Son Family Team, which is mainly comprised of Strike-based Goku Variants, but the Hybrid Saiyan Team welcomes him with open arms. 

This Transformed terror is far from meta-defining, but he can quickly snowball out of control if his foes don't know what they're dealing with. 



Gohan is one of the more cleverly designed defensive fighters in the game. He has a sizable cover change Sustained Damage Cut, topping off at 40%, but beyond that, his defensive capabilities become excellent when facing enemies with Strike Arts. 

If a foe switches characters while Gohan is in play, their Strike Arts are sealed for 3 Timer Counts, perfectly countering enterprising Keflas and Vegitos looking to capitalize on a stray hit. In a strike-oriented Meta, this is an invaluable skill. 

After Gohan knocks out an enemy, the strike arts of the foe who enters the field afterwards will be sealed as well, providing ample opportunities to get the jump on unsuspecting Melee Types. 

Scaling Potential

Especially after transforming, Gohan's damage potential is incredible.

After sustaining any hit, he Buffs the Inflicted Damage of all Hybrid Saiyan and Son Family Fighters by 30% for 15 Counts, and when these Buffs are added alongside the permanent 30% Damage Buff he gets upon transforming, the 40% Damage Buff he grants himself when he enters combat, and the 40% Damage Buff from his Main Ability, things can spiral out of control very fast. 

Gohan's ranged Extra Arts Card, accessible with his Main Ability and transformation, can instantly start a combo if it makes contact, ensuring that there will always be an opportunity for Gohan to snag a stray hit. His Special Move is a stunner as well, providing massive damage and a 10 Substitution Count Debuff on hit. 


Disappointingly Honest

It's not as thought Gohan's Damage is disappointing, but it does take some time to get going, and his output doesn't warp system mechanics the way many other top tier Offensive Fighters do. Gohan has no Ki Recovery, no Card Draw Speed, no Card Cost Reduction, no ways to Draw Additional Cards. 

For this reason, Gohan's Damage tends to vary wildly during matches, and at times can be somewhat mediocre. 

Team Issues

Unfortunately for Gohan, he's a Ranged Fighter in a Melee Fighter's world, and his main tags aren't chock full of Z-Abilities he appreciates.

Gohan can output some decent Strike Damage, and seeing as his Special Move primarily uses his Strike Stat to calculate Damage, this isn't a horrendous issue, but he'd perform even better on Teams comprised of other Ranged Fighters. 

Team Synergy

Son Family

Gohan is a stunner on this Team. His two main teammates should be apparent immediately; Zenkai 7 SP Kid Goku YEL and SP Super Kaioken Goku GRN are ideal partners for Gohan, who loves the Support of the former and the rapid-fire Blast-oriented playstyle of the latter. 

Though these two Goku variants are the best partners for Gohan, he functions well with Strike-based Gokus as well, like SP SSB Goku RED, SP SSJ4 Goku PUR, and SP SSJ Goku (RoC) GRN. There are many ways to build this team with Gohan on it. That versatility is part of what makes Son Family strong to begin with. 

Hybrid Saiyan

The Hybrid Saiyan Team adores the arrival of SP Gohan (Adult) BLU. Fighters like SP Teen Trunks PUR, SP SSJ Youth Gohan YEL, and SP SSJ Gotenks RED are all able to complement Gohan's strength in combat. 

Teen Trunks especially is a superb partner for Gohan, who requires type coverage in a metagame laden with powerful Greens.  SP SSJ Trunks (Battle Armor) RED makes for a decent teammate for Gohan as well, seeing as he can use Gohan's guaranteed Extra Arts Card Draws fantastically. 

Equippable Items

Main Ability

Ultimate Return

Transform into "Ultimate Gohan".
Draw a Special Arts Card next.
+30% to damage inflicted (cannot be cancelled).

Requirements: 15 timer counts must elapse.

Unique Ability

Extreme Potential

+30% to damage inflicted for 20 timer counts when this character enters the battlefield.
The following effects occur when enemy switches characters while this character is on the battlefield:
Seals enemy's Strike Arts. The sealed Arts cannot be used for 3 timer counts.
Reduces damage received by 20% for 20 timer counts (cannot be stacked).

Decisive Action

The following effects occur after enemy attack is over:
Restores 20% of damage received (up to 20% of own Health).
Restores own Ki by 20.
+30% to damage inflicted by allied "Tag: Hybrid Saiyan" or "Tag: Son Family" for 15 timer counts
Reduces damage received by 40% until combo ends when changing cover.

Chocolate & Candy +2

+2 to Chocolates dropped during the Turn into Sweets!! Majin Buu Event.
+2 to Candies dropped during the Turn into Sweets!! Majin Buu Event.
Active Period: 08/12/2020 08:00 AM (GMT+2) - 08/26/2020 08:00 AM (GMT+2)

Z Ability

+19% to "Tag: Hybrid Saiyan" base Blast Attack during battle. Character(s) Affected
+21% to "Tag: Hybrid Saiyan" or "Tag: Son Family" base Blast Attack during battle. Character(s) Affected
+28% to "Tag: Hybrid Saiyan" or "Tag: Son Family" base Strike & Blast Attack during battle. Character(s) Affected
+32% to "Tag: Hybrid Saiyan" or "Tag: Son Family" base Strike & Blast Attack during battle. Character(s) Affected


Super Kamehameha

Deals major Impact damage.
Inflicts enemy with Attribute Downgrade "+5 to Substitution Count" for 20 timer counts on hit.

Cost 50


Prodigal Awakening

Restores own health by 10% and Ki by 20.

Cost 10



Soul Boost Stats

Stat 100% 200% 300% 400% 500% 600% 698%
Health 21644 44820 79128 122124 176352 246160 326728
Strike Attack 1867 3868 6831 10544 15232 21264 28227
Blast Attack 1839 3808 6726 10382 14998 20938 27799
Strike Defense 1532 3169 5601 8650 12493 17441 23157
Blast Defense 1518 3141 5545 8559 12367 18023 22925
Critical 166 366 666 1000 1368 1752 2146
Strike Art Level 2 3 4 5 5 5 5
Blast Art Level 2 3 4 5 5 5 5
Special Art Level 1 1 2 2 2 2 2
Extra Art Level 1 1 2 2 2 2 2
Equipment Slots 1 2 2 2 3 3 3

Recommended Soul Boosts