Hero team vs Broly 2500 lvl

I cant do nothing with a hero team, im using shallot, vegeta and cabba, i think they are the most op heros blues there are and in bench i have cell 2º form, radits and turles, how can i do it? T.T

Asked by Jetorro241 year 7 months ago


Use ginyu team..

Giny team... Broly fk them so easy..., there is just Burter and Guldo as blue heros and are trash :////

did you put all the ginyu team? You need the z-ability of the others.. I cleared it using ginyu team, but you need to max lvl and boost around 450.. check the screenshot I hope this helps...

any tip about how play vs him? i trust that it posible but... isnt easy right?

It’s not easy... I don’t really remember clearly but I remember retrying 2-3 times... good luck on getting your 6-star red broly, it’s worth it..

Here is a spoiler
Broly is higher than gogeta now...