What does this "clear" mean at the Cell Event ?

At my rewards I can get lots of crystals for completing missions, but I am so confused, because it states that I should clear 15 Cell:The Evolving Life Form Missions, but it doesn't make sense. It shows that I have completed 7 out of 15 missions,but I have done 14 missions and I only have 3 missions where I have full stars.

Asked by hjadda999611 months ago


I think you have to beat them and the challenge battle at the end. I still have to beat the final one but I think that's all, I have 29/30 and that's the last one for me. lol

it cant be tho because ive completed all of them apart from the challenge battle and it says ive only completed 27 out of 30

You have to complete all the challenges within each chapter of the event including the challenge battle at the end.

Well all of the replies are wrong. The "clear missions" literally refers to the other Cell missions just below it. The counter will go up when you do the smaller missions for the cell event. It has nothing to do with challenges or completing stories. Just do the other missions that are aviable.