Can you help me with some pvp teams

I will put the screenshots here

Asked by MrRobaRoba1 year 5 months ago


Make a Lineage of Evil Team.
Battle Members: FF Frieza Yellow, Final Form Cooler, Cooler.
Bench: Chilled, Broly Purple+Red
You can play Chilled instead of Cooler (Green) if you want to

Yeah i was thinking about it. But i have yellow paikuhan instead of the red broly. Is that also a good idea?

Future Team with Future gohan, youth trunks and mai is also possible. Or a Sagas team with double cooler and purple broly. You have a few good bench buffers for them already.

Who would be the good bench buffers for them? I am not completely into the buffs yet and how to build a team yet. I am trying to learn it.

Well Blue Broly has a Z-ability that buffs "Sagas from the movies" blast defense. Red broly does the same but for Strike attack. The last slot could be either a Extreme unit with good sagas from the movies z-ability or frieza if you want to bring a good counter to purple sayjans which are on the rise currently with the triple sayjan mono purple team.

Okay thank you very much! En those on the bench works for both teams you said? Or just one specific?