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Equipment play a very important role in Dragon Ball Legends, in general they give large Stat Bonuses with some giving more unique and niche Abilities such as increasing Inflicted Damage to specific tags when equipped to Characters. However, some equipment are better than others, you can find out the optimal Equipment options for your Fighters in the Team guides below. This article will provide misconceptions about Equipment as well as a list of Team Equipment Guides.

Common Misconceptions

One very common misconception about Equipment are Critical Buffs and their effectiveness. To summarise this section, Critical Equipment provide minuscule increases to your Critical Rate regardless of the Team Build and decrease the Team's overall effectiveness when these Equips are chosen over Equips with Pure Buffs. This section below will go into detail on the reasons for this.

The explanation assumes you have read the article Combat Formulas and Rising Rush Damage and have seen the formula for Critical Rate. 

Critical Buffs on Equipment increase the value of CriticalA in the Critical Rate formula. Taking an example of an attacking Z7 RED SSJ Gogeta against an opponent's Z7 PUR SSJ3 Goku. Assuming Gogeta has the Equipment Huh? and Goku has no Critical Buffs, the chance to land a Critical Hit is 3.10%. Now, removing the Critical Equipment, the chance to land a Critical Hit is 2.88%. In this common scenario, using a Critical Buffing Equipment increased the chance to land a Critical Hit by a minuscule 0.22%.

Regarding Fighters that buff your Critical Rate such as BLU SSJ Bardock: he applies a flat 30% Critical Rate increase to SSJ allies ignoring the formula. This means using Critical Equipment has no impact whatsoever on his effectiveness, and in turn is detrimental to the Team's Damage output when Critical Equipment are chosen over Equipment with Pure Buffs which provide a significant impact in every game. You can read more about how Pure Buffs work in How Equips Really Work.

Team Equipment Guides

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