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Events List

Drop Rates

Rising Battle: Vegito

The Ultimate Showdown! Gods VS the Super Warrior

Equipment Collection

Challenge Rush

Choice Battle!

Ultra Space Time Rush

Yamcha's Home Run★Derby

Legends Road - Great Saiyaman 1

Cell: The Ultimate Life Form


Cell: The Evolving Life Form Part II

Legends Road - Gotenks

Let's Fight!

Rising Battle: Broly

Super Saiyan Broly

The Cell Games


Hunger Raid! Chocolate Burglar

Cell: The Evolving Life Form

Nappa the Cruel!

Raditz Attacks!

Bonus Battle RED

Bonus Battle YEL

Bonus Battle PUR

Bonus Battle GRN

Bonus Battle BLU

Bonus Battle: Super EXP

Bonus Battle: Super Zeni

Another Future! The Android Menace

Bonus Battle: EXP

Bonus Battle: Zeni

Fearsome Android #19

Fearsome Android #20

Fierce Battle! Vegeta the Prince of Fate

Legends Road

The Advent of Frieza, the Universal Emperor!

The Dreaded Ginyu

The Invincible Android #17

Knockdown! The Immortal Vegeta

The Invincible Android #18

VS 1st Form Cell

VS 3rd Form Frieza

VS Burter

VS Chiaotzu

VS First Form Frieza

VS Fused with Nail Piccolo

VS Gohan (Kid)

VS Goku

VS Guldo

VS Jeice

VS Krillin

VS Paikuhan

VS Recoome

VS Tien

VS Yamcha

Space-Time Duel