Legends Rivals: Lineage of Evil Vs Sagas Warriors

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Article by Chris Hardwick
Legends Rivals: Lineage of Evil Vs Sagas Warriors
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HP 2,277,948
Strike ATK 231,252
Blast ATK 219,928
Strike DEF 139,255
Blast DEF 142,067
Ki Restore Speed
HP 2,266,253
Strike ATK 239,191
Blast ATK 252,503
Strike DEF 147,298
Blast DEF 142,983
Ki Restore Speed

Lineage of Evil -- having once relied on borrowed Sagas Warriors Synergy upon the release of SP Final Form Coora BLU -- has gone beyond just taking shape in the Meta on it’s own legs, but is now expanding it’s bulk with sorely needed Defensive options. SP Cooler PUR is the break-away Fighter from UST#17, relieving SP Meta Coora RED of his secondary Tank duties. 

Sagas Warriors has filled SP Final Form Coora BLU’s spot with SP Vegeta BLU, who forms an Offensive powerhouse duo with SP Super Saiyan Youth Gohan YEL, both of which benefit from the Support from SP Teen Trunks PUR.

HP 2,288,700
Strike ATK 251,039
Blast ATK 206,572
Strike DEF 140,283
Blast DEF 137,534
Ki Restore Speed

As effective as that trio is, that doesn’t even begin to cover the diversity of the Sagas Warriors Tag. SP Full Power Boujack PUR supports a wide array of Team options. Optimally paired with EX Zangya BLU and SP SS Youth Gohan YEL, this Boujack variant’s Cover ability and Combo reversing Extra Card provides great Support for any partner within his Tag, as he also provides a strong Damage Buff when switched to a Sagas Warrior Ally.


Taking the flexibility of Sagas Warriors into account, for the purpose of this matchup we will assume the most commonly used trio of SP FP Boujack PUR, SP SS Youth Gohan YEL, and EX Zangya BLU, but SP Teen Trunks PUR, SP Vegeta BLU, SP Goku GRN, and EX Legendary Super Saiyan Broly YEL are also all top notch Core members. 

HP 2,411,464
Strike ATK 212,284
Blast ATK 201,685
Strike DEF 156,141
Blast DEF 161,686
Ki Restore Speed
HP 2,435,677
Strike ATK 258,616
Blast ATK 235,927
Strike DEF 152,561
Blast DEF 152,569
Ki Restore Speed

Although he works to a degree under both Tags, SP Cooler PUR is more at home on Lineage of Evil, as he faces competition from SP FP Boujack PUR on Sagas Warriors. SP Cooler PUR is exactly what Lineage of Evil needed to succeed, more Defensive Fighters. This Coora variant absolutely delivers on that front, compounding Damage Reduction and chip Healing with the highest Defense stats in the game as of his release. 

SP Full Power Boujack PUR’s utility is hard to surmise. His Cover, Unique Abilities, and Damage Output potential, especially when paired with EX Zangya BLU, can control the Combo loop while amping up Teammates simultaneously.

HP 2,311,114
Strike ATK 233,482
Blast ATK 218,729
Strike DEF 152,448
Blast DEF 150,181
Ki Restore Speed
HP 2,288,397
Strike ATK 236,319
Blast ATK 217,082
Strike DEF 159,794
Blast DEF 159,802
Ki Restore Speed

SP FF Frieza RED goes wanting for his favorite target against Sagas Warriors Teams who do not carry SP Goku GRN but can do well to scare away SP SS Youth Gohan YEL. At first glance, it may seem that SP FF Frieza RED would be a solid answer to reliably wipe away the pesky Hybrid Saiyan, but once again the one dimensional nature of Lineage of Evil Fighters leaves their strengths exploitable. 

SP SS Youth Gohan YEL’s ability to reliably start a Combo and trap Enemy Fighters -- namely SP Cooler PUR -- will find that the usual situation is Sagas Warriors is able to control the Combo loop and bait out vulnerable Fighters before Lineage of Evil is able to hit their peak Damage potential.

HP 2,188,634
Strike ATK 244,399
Blast ATK 225,429
Strike DEF 139,429
Blast DEF 140,833
Ki Restore Speed
HP 2,335,318
Strike ATK 237,038
Blast ATK 234,694
Strike DEF 141,769
Blast DEF 144,609
Ki Restore Speed

SP Final Form Cooler BLU is in a great position against Sagas Warriors though, as the most common Sagas Warriors Green is a Goku variant, who is easily KO’d by both of SP FF Cooler BLU’s Teammates. Never really entirely vanishing from the Meta, SP FF Cooler BLU provides an aggressive Offensive Support to regain control of dire situations. A well played SP Final Form Cooler BLU can bring out the best in the Z Tier SP Cooler PUR if he can avoid SP SS Youth Gohan YEL. 

EX Zangay BLU can deal a surprising amount of Damage, and can Draw an Extra Card, which can be used herself to raise Damage and Card Art Draw Speed, or more optimally passed off to her Teammate, SP FP Boujack PUR. Her Defeated Buffs to her Teammates, with extra care towards her Captain also comes with a switch lock that gives the revenging Teammate an ensured neutral field upon entering.

Who Wins?

While the raw Damage Output and Defensive stats of Lineage of Evil are extremely impressive, the diversity and fluid Combo control of Sagas Warriors wins the favor in this matchup. While there are always moments when a smart play may corner SP SS Youth Gohan YEL before the latter can trap and KO SP Cooler PUR, it is an upstream battle against dedicated Combo loop control like SP FP Boujack PUR’s Cover and switch locks from EX Zangya BLU and SP SS Youth Gohan YEL.

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