Legends Rivals: Son Family Vs. Frieza Force

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The history of this rivalry dates back to even before one of the contenders was even born, as the galactic emperor Frieza subjected the Saiyan race long before Goku entered the world. The entire legend of the Saiyan Goku, leading up to the climactic apex when Goku turns a legend from myth to reality when he attained the Super Saiyan form against Frieza; avenging his race, and forming an epiphany on his own when he traded his childlike innocence for the rage that allowed him to transform, has been the most honored and storied legend of the entire Dragon Ball universe.

In game, this particular rivalry has always been present, sometimes bubbling under the surface and other times in the absolute forefront, as when one Tag receives support, the other Tag seems to match its power to check them. Goku and Frieza seem to be locked in an eternal battle with either absolute power or universal justice as the only possible outcomes. 


HP 2,277,634
Strike ATK 218,663
Blast ATK 251,266
Strike DEF 143,681
Blast DEF 145,119
Ki Restore Speed
HP 2,424,348
Strike ATK 228,401
Blast ATK 230,660
Strike DEF 158,717
Blast DEF 163,511
Ki Restore Speed

Son Family and Frieza Force  are two juggernauts of the current Meta, however they are the opposite of each other. While one gets stronger as the Match goes on, the other thrives in the early game but gets weaker later. 

To begin with, it’s important to note how crucial the release of SP Goku GRN has been for the evolution of this specific matchup. In fact, the previous color wheel for Son Fam featured a Blue, a Purple and a Red, which made Frieza Force have a color advantage option against any opponent. This, combined with the fact that Son Family’s Defenses aren’t the best, allowed Frieza Force to have seriously impactful advantages.

With SP Goku GRN being added, Son Family changes shape and the matchup deeply changes too, since he’s a Tank who has no color disadvantages against Frieza Force. Practically, Son Family has a safe switch-in with SP Goku GRN, as opposed to SP SS Kid Goten PUR being extremely vulnerable in the past to SP FF FP Frieza YEL switching in with the Ki gain.

All of this means that Son Fam now has a much better chance at stalling consistently against Frieza Force to let their early game advantage run out, and benefitting from the Crisis Effects later on. Of course, Frieza Force has the means to win the matchup too, as defeating either  SP SS2 Youth Gohan RED or SP Goku GRN early opens up to a scenario where SP Angry Goku BLU is the Last Man Standing, which is an easy one for SP Golden Frieza GRN.

Also in general, the fact that Son Family has weak Z-Abilities when it comes to improving the Team’s durability still leaves the Team few rooms for mistakes.

Who Wins?

HP 2,460,701
Strike ATK 233,886
Blast ATK 238,597
Strike DEF 158,894
Blast DEF 159,685
Ki Restore Speed
HP 2,266,253
Strike ATK 239,191
Blast ATK 252,503
Strike DEF 147,298
Blast DEF 142,983
Ki Restore Speed

This is a really even matchup. In these cases, it’s mostly the single player’s skill to take advantage of very specific situations that determines which Team emerges victorious.

Overall, the fact that now any of the Son Family Fighters are massive as the Last Man Standing, penalizes Frieza Force in the matchup, because its Fighters’ toolkits limit them to being at least in a 2 vs 1 situation to have the advantage towards the end of the Match.

Considering the rest of the Meta, both Teams matchup very well against basically any other Tag.

All things considered, while both Teams are roughly at the same level, Son Family does a few things better and wins the Legends Rivals this time around.

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