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The USTS#16 is here with four new Fighters. Sagas Warriors is the focus for this Banner, as all the new additions have that Tag. Also, the Banner’s structure has changed, with the x999 Z-power for new Fighters multi-summon being replaced with a normal x600 for SP multi-summon--and x250 for EX Fighters-- that gifts x30 Z-power for a random new Fighter. 

This is indeed a bad change, as the previous version of the Banner gave you the chance to instantly unlock 3* on a new Fighter if pulled, meanwhile on the new one you’d have to get the Z-power gift for a specific Fighter four times and pull him from the banner once as well, in order to unlock 3*.

This can only be considered better than the previous version if you don’t pull any new Fighters at all even after a good amount of multipulls, but even then the cumulative amount of gifts would only be enough to unlock a Fighter at  0* or 1*, which isn’t optimal anyway.

Also, the new system is especially bad for EX Fighters, since on the previous one they were pullable at x999 which was amazing value compared to their normal x250 amount of Z-power.

Effects on the Meta

Sagas Warriors

This Tag expectedly gets a big Boost. Both SP Boujack PUR and SP SSJ Youth Gohan YEL are great, with the former being the better one thanks to how versatile his toolkit is. In fact, he has great Damage output, a potentially amazing Cover Effect, Damage Buff for allies and he’s decent as the Last Man Standing too. Overall, from now on every Sagas Warriors Team should be built around this SP Boujack PUR, considering how well he synergizes with EX Zangya BLU too.

SP SSJ Young Gohan YEL is a perfect fit on the Team too. The deck is fine for his toolkit, and the Support he gets from SP Boujack PUR makes him a cannon once he Transforms. Also, his lock-in is a great momentum-swing weapon that Sagas Warriors was lacking.

Overall, we’ll see more of Sagas Warrior in the next few weeks, as the Tag has many viable Team Builds that now became much better thanks to the new additions.

Hybrid Saiyan

The new SP SSJ Youth Gohan YEL works best in a Strike-focused Team, so he pairs up amazingly with SP Teen Trunks PUR. The latter is still a very good Fighter, and his Boost to allies is one of the highest in the entire Game. Also, SP SSJ Youth Gohan YEL finds a Health Z-Ability here, which is great considering he has to take a beating pre-Transformation in other to reach full potential.

Overall, the Team works very well, also considering that some old acquaintances like SP SSJ Teen Gohan BLU can benefit greatly from the Deck shifting to being Strike Focused.

Also, Hybrids now can benefit from a full Color Wheel on the Core, considering the presence of SP Gohan GRN and SP SSJ2 Youth Gohan RED. While they still lack something Z-Ability wise, the Team is very competitive

Son Family

SP SSJ Youth Gohan YEL isn’t that good of a fit on Son Family. The problem isn’t even that the Team focuses on Blast Cards primarily, considering that --  despite being a Melee Type -- he has great Blast Attack thanks to his Transformation. The problem is that the synergy on this Team is starting to be too fragmented, and SP SSJ Youth Gohan YEL doesn’t help.

Ideally, with the whole Team at 5*, Synergy would not be a problem thanks to the double-Tag Z-Abilities being unlocked, however with the Banner mechanics changing that became harder to achieve.

Yellow Color Counter

The new EX LSSJ Broly YEL is incredibly good. He can inflict very high Damage, and he Supports Yellow and Blue’s Damage by switching out. His Z-Ability is overpowered at high star level. So where is the catch?

With the Banner Mechanics being changed, it becomes much harder to get EX Fighters at a decent star rate, so even though the new EX LSSJ Broly YEL is very good, it doesn’t really matter if he’s so hard to pull.

Should You Pull?

Ultra Space-Time Summon #16

Ultra Space-Time Summon #16 Simulator

The new Sparking Fighters are both amazing and they are beneficial to the same Team, which is a plus for the Banner if you specifically want to improve your Sagas Warriors Team. However, with the x30 Banner being so bad, there is no urgency to pull early this time, so the better choice is to wait until the GSP tickets come, or even until the Banner’s last day, considering it lasts for 40 days, which means that 40 daily discounted pulls are coming our way.

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