Meta Shift: Dramatic Battle on Namek

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The new “Legends Duel on Namek” Step-Up brings to the Game two highly anticipated Fighters, namely SP Angry Goku BLU and SP FF FP Frieza YEL, who represent their canonical counterparts that fought on Namek. While the rates for new units are a bit low on this Banner -- 1.25% from Normal Pulls, 20% from Ticket Pulls -, the new Fighters are very good and will be great additions for all of their respective Tags.

Legends Step-Up Duel on Namek

Legends Step-Up Duel on Namek Simulator

Effects on the Meta

Son Family

The new SP Angry Goku BLU is an absolute powerhouse. He’s incredibly good Offensively thanks to his multitude of Offensive Boosts, and he’s pretty hard to defeat too thanks to his Defensive potential. “But isn’t Goku supposed to die on Son Family for the other Fighters to benefit from it?” True, but that doesn’t make SP Goku BLU a bad fit, quite the contrary actually.

Bringing SP Angry Goku BLU in means having three fantastic “Last Man Standing” Fighters on the Team, which makes the Team much less predictable and incredibly Effective even in relatively unfortunate situations -- Like  SP SSJ Kid Goten PUR being the “Last Man Standing”--

Son Family already was one of the strongest Teams in the Game prior to this Update, but now it is strongly pushing for Fusion Warriors’ throne.

Frieza Force

Out of any Fighter that could be added to this Team, SP FF FP Frieza YEL has the most fitting toolkit for sure. In fact, a Yellow Tank that could effectively cover SP Golden Frieza GRN was all this Team needed, and more generally he’s also a perfect Fighter in a Purple-filled Meta.

However, it wouldn’t do him justice to say that he’s only good for that reason. In fact, Damage wise SP FF FP Frieza YEL is strong and versatile, which was much needed. considering that this Tag has many different Team Builds with consequently different decks. Long story short, SP FF FP Frieza YEL will be a staple for this Team moving forward.

Lineage of Evil

Right now this Tag is basically Frieza Force with less Team Building-diversity and durability, but with higher Damage potential thanks to SP FF Coora BLU. While that makes Lineage of Evil less consistent than the Tag listed above it, thanks to SP FF Fé Frieza YEL running SP Golden Frieza GRN becomes much safer, so it’s safe to say that this Team has finally lost part of its recklessness.  

Its main flaw is probably that SP FF Coora BLU is starting to suffer from the SP SSJ Bardock BLU’s syndrome, meaning that he’s a Fighter that brings very good Buffs to the Team, while being a bit lackluster on the field.

Super Saiyan

This Tag had to rely on color counter Builds for a long time, however the new SP Angry Goku BLU brings some interesting options to the table. For example, now a full Son Family-Super Saiyan Core is possible, and such Team beats the previous one both synergy and equip wise. The most apparent upgrade is the removal of SP SSJ Bardock BLU, who is now very lackluster on the field by Meta standards.  

The color counter option is always available and very strong too, a SP Teen Trunks PUR effectively replaces SP SSJ Bardock BLU as the Team Buffer, while also being incredibly good hand to hand.

Should You Pull?

This Banner, like all the other Step Up Banners, has the most user-friendly Pulling mechanics in the Game. The only question on Step Up Banners is if the featured Fighters are worth it, and they sure are in this case.  

Specifically, SP FF FP Frieza YEL strengthens a Team that has a mostly farmable Build, namely Frieza Force, so he’s extremely worth pulling on for F2P Players.

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I'm a Dragon Ball Legends' writer who also consistently ranks in top 1k in the game's PVP.  I'm not part of the Hit bandwagon.