Meta Shift: Gogeta, Janemba, and Shallot

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The last update came with many new things, mainly regarding Fighters. Primarily nobody expected HE Shallot LIG to get his SSj3 Transformation all of a sudden. The latest Boost managed to achieve what his other Transformations failed to do, namely make him a relevant Fighter. Secondarily, the Janemba & Gogeta UST dropped today. The duo didn’t manage to generate particular hype despite both of them being fan favourites, due to Bandai not anticipating them well enough.

Last but not least, SP Good Buu GRN got a Zenkai Boost, a mechanic which most of the Community looks at with frightened eyes, that will surely make him a beast to be recognized – for part of your life savings--

Effects on the Meta


Nobody would’ve expected HE Shallot LIG to become this good all of a sudden. He’s always been a decent fit for the Saiyan Core, as his Z-Ability Buffs the Tag’s Health, but the SSJ3 Transformation took him to a whole new level. He now boasts absurdly high stats with a Great Offensive and Defensive toolkit. His Transformation only lasts for 45 timer counts, but he’ll be an absolute force for that time span.

Looking at the current Saiyan situation, the Team already had a Top Tier Core, carried by SP SSJ4 Vegeta RED, SP SSJ4 Goku PUR and SP Angry Goku BLU, but nonetheless HE Shallot LIG is a great and unique addition since he doesn’t have neither color advantage nor color disadvantage compared to any other type, which makes him a good fit for virtually any matchup.

It’s not like the Team matched up badly against any other Team, however the new addition will surely bring some much needed versatility against Teams like Sagas Warriors and Lineage of Evil.


Funnily enough, SP Kid Buu RED already got powercrept.

SP Janemba RED looks a lot like SP Perfect Cell YEL thanks to his powerful Offensive toolkit and mitigated Healing Effects. Most importantly, his typing and Anti-Sagas Warrior Unique Ability makes him a perfect counter for SP SSJ Youth Gohan YEL, something the Team lacked.

He’s not the best Regen Fighter, as SP Buuhan GRN and SP Super Baby 2 BLU are arguably superior, however he fits very nicely and makes an already well structured Team even better.

Talking about SP Good Buu GRN, at Zenkai 1 he becomes pretty decent but not better than SP Buuhan GRN – Actually he becomes a perfect Bench Fighter for him thanks to his Zenkai Ability – but at Zenkai 7 he’ll likely emerge as the best Regeneration Fighter by far and push this Team up to previously unseen heights, for those willful enough to spend for him.

Sagas Warriors

Both SP Janemba RED and SP Super Gogeta GRN have this tag, however the former fits way better than the latter on this Team for multiple reasons. Mainly, SP Janemba RED has a Strike Focused toolkit that fits very well with the rest of the Team – As opposed to SP Super Gogeta GRN that is Blast focused --.

Also, Sagas Warriors was much more in need of a Red Fighter, since SP SSJ Youth Gohan YEL has unironically always been the most problematic Fighter to face for Sagas Warriors due to his lock-in that made SP FP Boujack PUR run for his life.

However, it should be noted that with SP Janemba RED, SP SSJ Youth Gohan YEL and SP Vegeta BLU on the Team the Ability Bonus is not optimal, hence somebody has to be sacrificed for a better Z-Ability, with either SP Vegeta BLU, SP Goku GRN or SP Janemba RED for a better Bench Fighter.

Fusion Warrior

Many thought that SP Super Gogeta GRN would make Fusion Warrior a big step up compared to their situations in the previous months, but they were wrong.

 The new addition functions as an Offensive alternative to SP Super #17 GRN,  his main uses can be found in countering SP Super Baby 2 BLU – A fighter that otherwise is very tough to put down for Fusion Warriors – and of course being a reliable Green Fighter in general. However, he’s also very squishy and his Offense isn’t well rounded until the 140 timer counts remaining mark.

Sure, in the long run his Buffs stack up and make him a great Late Game Fighter if he makes it that far, but his shortage of Healing combined with his low durability make him a really easy target for the opponent.

Fusion Warrior needed a Fighter that could make a 1A/1B partnership with SP Super Vegito PUR, it looks like we’ll still have to wait for that to happen.

Ranking the UST Banner

While SP Janemba RED fits well in some of the best Teams in the game, it’s hard to justify pulling straight away with a banner that offers 40 discounted Daily Summons and two Guaranteed Sparking Summons. The fillers are not bad – with SP Vegeta GRN being the real blunder – but you might as well wait and test your luck with dailies and ticket in the time being, even if you want one of the new Fighters. 

Even if you don’t manage to get them, 40 days from now you’ll have a much clearer view about their place in the Meta which will help you decide whether to pull or not.

Vote to the banner: 6.5

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