Meta Shift: SSG Shallot and Zenkai Trunks

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Article by Ema919
Meta Shift: Trunsk and Shallot
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The past few weeks have been quite active for Dragon Ball Legends, which goes without saying since it’s the 2nd Anniversary ( although the lack of new types of events makes it just a more of the same ), specifically there are two F2P Fighters that have joined the Meta recently, namely Zenkai 7 SP Teen Trunks BLU and SP Shallot LGT with his brand new SSG Transformation.

Both the new Fighters are very interesting and relevant, as they’re strong additions to some top Meta Teams, let’s take a look at their specific impact.

Effects On The Meta


SP Teen Trunks BLU is a fine addition for the Future Team for the people who lack SP SSB Vegito BLU. In fact, while he certainly can’t impact matches in the same way he does, SP Teen Trunks BLU has a very high Damage output and great durability, so he functions as a very solid piece in a Team that already has a strong structure.

While his Blast Stat isn’t that high compared to other Zenkai Fighters, he gets some pretty good Blast Damage Buffs from his toolkit which still make him a good fit even considering this Team’s mixed Deck. There is no Gohan in this Core, so he can’t reach his full potential, but overall this new release makes Future a top team whether it has SP SSB Vegito BLU or not.

God Ki

SP Shallot LGT is the wildcard this Team was waiting for to abandon the “ worse Future” status it had prior to this release. In fact, this Team’s Core was basically the exact same as Future’s minus SP SSJ Rage Trunks YEL.

The new addition fits quite well since he’s a balanced Fighter with a neutral typing, so he’s great in all matchups and he pairs very well with every possible Teammate. 

While his toolkit is very solid, it doesn’t really have anything unique like SP SSB Vegito BLU’s or SP SSB Vegeta GRN’s do for example, so he’s a very conventional Fighter that will provide great help but will not make this Team tremendously better, but rather, he probably just makes it as good as Future and Fusion Warriors.

Vegeta Family

Vegeta Family gets another great piece after receiving SP SSJ Rage Trunks YEL a few weeks ago. SP Teen Trunks BLU replaces SP Vegeta BLU on the Core, providing even higher Strike Damage output than his father and much higher Blast Damage output as well. Last but not least, his high Defensive stats and Damage Reduction make him the perfect off Tank for Vegeta Family, a Team that lacked any sort of Durability pre-Anniversary.

Overall Vegeta Family is a Team with very high Offensive capabilities and decent survivability.


 HE Shallot LGT is a great fit for the Saiyan Team. In fact, after the Anniversary Banners this Team had to handle a Blast Based Deck due to the addition of SP SSJ4 FP Goku GRN, which wasn’t really ideal for most of the Team. Now that Shallot is there, this Team has two Blast Focused Fighters so it flows better overall. This doesn’t mean that HE Shallot LGT is a staple for this Team, since SP SSJ4 Goku PUR still works pretty well when paired with SP Kid Goku YEL and SP SSJ4 FP Goku GRN, but he still improves the Team overall since he functions as an upgrade to SP Goku: Kakarot RED ( who is Strike focused ) practically.

Legends Road

This Team is still a work in progress compared to top Meta Teams, however the synergy between SP Kid Goku YEL and SP Youth Trunks BLU is just off the charts Ability Bonus wise. Both are able to inflict serious Damage and tank decently, especially SP Kid Goku YEL as he is without a doubt the ace of this Team, also thanks to his Supportive Effects. The third Fighter is probably someone between SP SSJ Gohan GRN and SP Kamiccolo YEL, two Support Fighters that make the Zenkai powerhouses even better.

Generally though, SP Kid Goku YEL and SP Youth Trunks BLU’s Zenkai Abilities are so massive that you can put them together in a myriad of unconventional Teams and have good results nonetheless.

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