Meta Shift: USTS #10 and Legends Banners

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Banner Composition

The new USTS Banner comes with three new SP Fighters, two new EX Fighters, and the now standard 999x Z-Power mechanic for the five new Fighters. As usual, this type of Banner has the guaranteed SP Summon thanks to the free tickets obtainable from the daily login.

Ultra Space-Time Summon #10

Ultra Space-Time Summon #10 Simulator

New Fighters

HP 2,242,392
Strike ATK 248,804
Blast ATK 220,723
Strike DEF 139,281
Blast DEF 137,896
Ki Restore Speed

He’s a Melee Fighter with mixed Arts Cards. His toolkit makes him both a powerful Offensive Fighter and even has a potentially game-changing Cover Unique Ability. Despite his lack of relevant Tags in the current Meta, his powerful Abilities might make him shine in some niche Team Builds.

  • His Cover Unique Ability nullifies his Damage received once and can be recharged by his Main Ability. This can be an extremely useful Ability against powerful Attacks like Rising Rush and Ultimate Moves. Despite not being exactly strong Defensively, this is one of the best Defensive options in the game, as it can completely change the direction of a Match.

  • His Extra Move is very powerful. It provides him strong Buffs depending on the number of times it’s been used. The effects it Buffs him for stack and don't expire after activation.

  • While the Hybrid Saiyan Tag is not that good at the moment and the Son Family Tag is not very accessible, SP Ultimate Gohan GRN might find a place in some color counters, or even in more niche Teams, thanks to his very useful Abilities.

HP 2,190,367
Strike ATK 229,108
Blast ATK 250,723
Strike DEF 137,178
Blast DEF 133,183
Ki Restore Speed

He’s a Ranged Fighter with mixed Arts Cards. His toolkit reflects his canonical version as he’s an impressively powerful offensive Fighter right off the bat who gets weaker as a certain amount of timer counts elapse. Fighters like this have never been ideal in PVP where Matches are often long-lasting.

  • Enemies are gonna have a bad time against SP SSJ3 Goku RED for the first 45 timer counts of a Match. During this period, his Damage gets Boosted by 40%, and his Ki Recovery Speed by 30%. After just 5 timer counts, it’s possible to use his Main Ability that Boosts his Damage by 10% for every Strike or Blast Card used for 10 timer counts each--note this Buff as a whole only lasts 30 timer counts, unlike SP Super Gogeta RED who has a similar Unique Ability and SP SSJ Berserk Kale RED who’s Main Ability Buffs never wear off.  Considering his already high Offensive Stats, SP SSJ3 Goku is going to be able to inflict extreme amounts of Damage.

  • After the first 45 timer counts elapse however, things get troublesome for him. His Ki Recovery Speed is halved for 15 timer counts--and his unbuffed Ki Recovery Speed is already pretty unimpressive--which means his Damage output also takes a considerable hit. Considering the length of a common PVP Match, SP SSJ3 Goku RED is going to be Debuffed for the majority of a Fight.

  • His Defense is atrocious. He’s the perfect definition of a glass cannon, as his Damage output is potentially very high, but he is going to melt like a piece of paper in a fireplace against Enemy Attacks.

  • While he’s a powerful Damage option for the Saiyan Tag, it’s arguable that his downsides make him too risky to use in such a Team, especially considering how many Fighters can cover his role.  He finds better luck in a Red color counter, where he’s more likely to be the main Damage option.

HP 2,212,472
Strike ATK 214,001
Blast ATK 226,826
Strike DEF 140,871
Blast DEF 145,812
Ki Restore Speed

He’s a Support Fighter with mixed Arts Cards. Despite this, his toolkit mainly revolves around making himself stronger. SP SSJ2 Vegeta PUR was hyped up for how strong his “angry” state would be, and it doesn’t disappoint. In fact, as the last man standing, this Fighter becomes a grotesquely powerful Damage option.

  • The main feature of this Fighter is how good he becomes when two allies die, thanks to his “You’ll pay for this!” Unique Ability. His Strike Damage gets an extremely High Boost and he gets Healed for half his max Health which, combined with his Main Ability’s 20% Heal, makes him a long-lasting Fighter. Additionally, for 10 timer counts, he reduces Damage received by 50%. All in all, he becomes one of the best Fighters in the game as the last man standing.

  • His Main Ability draws a Special Move Arts Card and Boosts the Damage of his next Special Move used by 80%, which creates the opportunity to inflict enormous amounts of Damage.

  • His Assist Unique Ability Boosts the Damage inflicted by Saiyan and Hybrid Saiyan Teammates by 20%. This, despite being a fairly small Boost, makes SP SSJ2 Vegeta PUR a perfect fit for Purple color counter, which has its Builds are usually filled with Saiyans.

HP 2,266,758
Strike ATK 228,895
Blast ATK 255,532
Strike DEF 139,605
Blast DEF 138,234
Ki Restore Speed

He’s a Ranged Type Fighter with mixed Arts Cards. He’s the biggest surprise of this new Banner as despite being an EX Fighter, his stats and Abilities are SP worthy. His toolkit is good enough to make him a relevant option for the Regeneration Tag.

  • He is a very good Damage option, especially against the Regeneration Fighters, who are dealt 50% more Blast Damage. His Main Ability is an exceptional source of power, as it Boosts his Damage by 50% for 30 timer counts.

  • He can inflict some annoying Downgrades with his Evil Intimidation Unique Ability, which reduces Enemy Arts Card draw speed level by 1 for 15 timer counts and increases their Damage received by 20% for 20 timer counts, every time EX Evil Buu BLU gets switched in. He also has a Poisoning Strike Arts Card and a Paralyzing Blast Arts Card.

  • His Extra move is extremely useful against Enemies that can Heal, as it drastically reduces their Health Restoration for 15 timer counts. This a very relevant Attribute Downgrade in the current Meta, where many top Teams have at least one Fighter with such an Ability.

  • While he’s not as durable, this isn’t much a problem because he’s intended to deal Damage and can benefit from other powerful Defensive Fighters like SP Zamasu RED and SP Piccolo GRN to keep him stay alive with their Healing Abilities.

Effects on the Meta

It will be interesting to see how SP Ultimate Gohan GRN will be used in PVP. He’s a very strong Fighter, however, the Hybrid Saiyan Tag is lackluster at the moment, and Son Family isn’t common in PVP  because of its high-level Z-Abilities requirements. It’s conceivable that he’ll see use in a Red color counter as the Green option because he’s a self-sustainable Offensive Fighter that can nullify every type of Damage through Cover.

SP SSJ3 Goku RED probably won’t be a Core Fighter of the Saiyan Tag since they have more durable Offense options. Red color counter Teams may be a good Team for him since those Builds tend to be more Defensive with average Damage output. SP SSJ3 Goku RED could definitely increase their Damage.

SP SSJ2 Vegeta PUR is gonna fight for a spot in Purple color counter against the recently balanced SP Turles PUR. Both have some strengths that the other lacks. For example, SP SSJ2 Vegeta PUR is much stronger when he’s the last man standing, but SP Turles PUR is better for the rest of the Match. Ultimately, while they are comparable Damage options, SP SSJ2 Vegeta PUR has more reliable Healing Abilities and can Buff others with his Assist Unique Ability, so he might be the better choice.

EX Evil Buu BLU is now the main Damage option for the Regeneration Tag and considering how Defensively oriented prior to his release, it’s hard to imagine a scenario where he wouldn’t make the core. It’s too early to say if the Regeneration Tag will be a top Meta option, but its weaknesses have decreased.

Should You Pull?

As always, waiting is a wise choice for a USTS Banner, as the chance of getting at least one of the new SP Fighters from the two guaranteed SP Summon opportunities is preferable to spending tons of Chrono Crystals for a 1% drop rate.

Despite this, the 999x Z-power Summon remains a good deal in general, but it’s not worth it for F2P Players to pull here because the new Fighters are not game-changing in the way SP SSJ Broly PUR was.

Filler Banners

The new update came with plenty of Legends Banners as well--some of them featuring some really powerful Fighters. As usual, no Daily Discount is available and despite the presence of some heavyweights like SP FF Coora BLU and SP SSJ Bardock BLU in their respective Banners, a lot of outdated featured Fighters are present too.

Banners like Legends Androids and Legends Hybrids don’t have a single recent Fighter featured.

All in all, the only good Banner is the Legends Lineage of Evil, as it features every relevant Lineage of Evil Fighter.

Legends Lineage of Evil

Legends Lineage of Evil Simulator

Legends Super Saiyans

Legends Super Saiyans Simulator

Legends Saiyans Vol. 2

Legends Saiyans Vol. 2 Simulator
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