Meta Shifts for the Latest Zenkai Boost DBL Update

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Article by Ema919
Meta Shift


Today’s update has been hyped by Bandai in the past few days as a “Huge Update”, and rightfully so. The game has received changes on many levels, starting from new Game Modes and ending at multiple Mechanics’ revamps. Basically, this update changed the whole structure of the game as we know it. 

Such shifts had the potential to completely change the Game for the better, since the developers touched a lot of parts that were matters of arguments  among the community regarding what was wrong about the Game. However, things don’t always go the right way, especially when gachas are involved.

What's Wrong With the Update

Star System Revamp

The Star System received a huge revamp. Basically, they added more stars above 7*, and they diminished the amount required to reach each star starting from 5*. You’ll still need to reach 9999x Z-Power to max your Fighters, what changed is that they added more Stats Boost for Limit Breaking. Cumulatively, the Stat Increase compared to before is 16% at maximum Limit Break Level.

Star System

Looking at the picture, it’s obvious how the vast majority of new Stat Boosts can be achieved only after the new 7* Limit Break ( which is about equal to the previous 5*), thus this change straight up incentivizes to keep pulling for your Fighters in order to reach higher star levels. It’s clear that the ones that will gain the most from this are the ones that spend the most, so P2W Players.

It’s true that in the previous system the last two Limit Break Levels weren’t rewarding enough for how hard they were to achieve, but changing that inevitably puts in danger the balance there is between F2P and P2W Players.


Maxed Zenkai Fighters are now overpowered. Cumulatively, they get much better Unique Abilities, much better Main Abilities, increased Arts Power across the Board and some Zenkai Abilities that absurdly magnify their stats. This sounds great considering they’re implementing this on some outdated Fighters, however this isn’t the whole story.

You need 3000 Z-power on a Fighter to Zenkai him, which while is a manageable requirement for some Fighters, for others like SP Beerus GRN it isn’t. Sadly, the bad news don’t end here.


To Zenkai you need some “Awakened Zenkai Power” Medals that you can get from Special Missions. So, these be obtained in a fully F2P way? Of course not. You can only get 1000 of those medals from the Missions, that are only enough to unlock the first LV of Zenkai Awakening which is hardly relevant. To unlock the others, you’ll have to Summon on some Special Banners that give those as an additional reward. Considering the Maximum Zenkai Level is 7 and you need 7000 Medals to achieve that, the outlook isn’t great.

Quite the contrary actually, because these Upgrades are Massive, Zenkai Fighters turn from being garbage to some of the best Fighters in the Game, and the thought that this system could be extremely P2W is really frightening.

This was supposed to be the replacement for Balance Changes, but it looks way worse currently.

Exchange Shops and Guild Rewards

Two new Exchange Shops were added, one regarding Co-Op Missions and the other regarding the new Guild System. Looking at the available Items in the Shops, it’s clear that the whole thing revolves around the new Zenkai and Star Systems, that require you to have as much Z-Power as possible. In fact, there are a lot of Items there that let you increase your Z-Power, as well as some Zenkai Souls needed to unlock the slots of the new Zenkai Tree.

The bad thing is that the Z-Power items cost a lot, you have to pay a huge chunk of your in game currencies in order to even get a single piece of those, which by the way only give a little Z-Power Boost -- And only if your Fighter has 1900 Z-Power already!--

Guild Rewards are obtained through the Guild’s Season Ranking, that puts every Guild in a competition to achieve high ranks based on multiple conditions -- Ranging from PVP results to Summon results, look at that--. These Rewards are the Currency you need to buy things from the Guild Exchange Shop, called Guild Point. However, it’s a bit disappointing since even the top ranked guild doesn’t get a relevant amount of Guild Points if compared to the Shop’s prices. The Guild System as a whole looks quite fun and engaging, but it’s a bit pointless if you don’t get anything relevant out of it.

What Now?

Most of the things in this Update aren’t bad. Co-op is fun, Battle changes are interesting, and Guild System is a way to magnify the Friend System in this game. However, this Article specifically wanted to highlight the bad part of this Update, because it truly risks to make it unfun and frustrating.

It’s difficult to guess what will happen from now on, but if you’re unhappy with the update then show it, show your disappointment. The Developers said they look at Social Networks, Reddit, YouTube, everything, this mean they will listen you, remember that we are their buyers.

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