Why this Tier?

- The goofy gaggle of multi-colored Ginyu goons are still some of the synergetic EX Fighters in the Game, boasting also incredible Equips choices that still make their stats pretty decent, however after the 2nd Anniversary Meta Shift this Team really lost its luster.

- The nature of this Team makes it hard for it to receive frequent updates.


This Team’s fantastic Z-Abilities are a double-edged sword. Every member Buffs Frieza Force -- which keeps Team options open --but also keeps Frieza’s elite force from ever pulling ahead of the entire army. Unless specific and unprecedented support arrives for Ginyu Force, they will always be just a subsection of the more established Frieza Force. 

They've gone down to Tier 4 because their consistency has really fallen off after the 2nd Anniversary, as they lack Fighters that can go head to head with S-Z tier threats.