Perfect Cell the Super Life Form! Event Guide

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SP Perfect Cell YEL is here and ready to wreak havoc. Endure through This and other Fighters from his arc to protect the universe from his impending onslaught!

In regards to Story Events, this event is no walk in the park. Completing every challenge and mission in this Event could give Players a run for their money. Luckily, the rewards for full completion of each challenge and mission are well worth the time especially for the free Chrono Crystals and great Equipment.

Featured Fighter

HP 1,991,326
Strike ATK 234,160
Blast ATK 198,529
Strike DEF 119,741
Blast DEF 122,115
Ki Restore Speed
+17% to "Tag: Android" base Blast Defense during battle.
+20% to "Tag: Android" base Blast Defense during battle.
+22% to "Tag: Android" base Blast Defense during battle.
+23% to "Tag: Android" base Blast Defense during battle.

The Featured Fighter in this Event is EX Cell Jr. YEL. He has been power crept pretty hard. There are hardly any uses for him in the current PVP Meta aside from using his Z-Ability for a little more Blast Defense on the Android bench.

EX Cell Jr. YEL is not the highlight of this Event by any means, but he’s still fun to use due to his Team Unique Ability and can provide some viability in PVE Combat when his Team conditions are met.

Event Exclusive Equipment

This Event also offers awesome Equipment. “You can do it, Right, Gohan?” is a gold ranked Equip that can be awakened. It provides pretty decent stats for Fighters that carry both the Son Family Tag and Super Saiyan Tag. Due to it having two conditions Players most likely won’t need to farm that many to feel like they’ve effectively put its value to use.

The other Equipment is another gold rank Equip, “Perfect Cell”--exclusive to any Cell variants and offers a wide variety of great stats including Special Move and Ultimate Damage Buffs. Farming this Equip is phenomenal for any Cell Fighter to really shine.

Perfect Cell

Type Gold
Equip Condition Cell
Sale Price 30000
Base Strike Defense UP
6% - 15%
Special Move Damage UP
5% - 12.5%
Ultimate Damage UP
5% - 12.5%
Base Blast Attack UP
6% - 18%

You Can Do It, Right, Gohan?

Type Gold
Equip Condition Son Family, Super Saiyan
Sale Price 30000
Base Strike Defense UP
6% - 15%
Base Strike Attack UP
6% - 15%
Base Blast Attack UP
6% - 15%

Total First Drop Rewards

Extreme Fighters are crucial for full completion of the challenges in this Event. Players will need a Team of Extremes for battle EX-5 specifically.

Another common challenge is about not passing a set Damage threshold. This sort of challenge will be seen in EX-5 (600,000), EX-4 (600,000), EX-1 (350,000), Chapter 5 (300,000), Chapter 4 (300,000), and Chapter 3 (250,000). The earlier Chapters aren’t as hard but as the event progresses, so does the difficulty in mitigating the Damage received.

Players will likely have to battle EX-5 more than once due to its conflicting challenges and missions. The conflicting challenges include achieving victory in battle within 50 counts, clearing without sustaining more than 600,000 Damage, and the aforementioned “Clear with only 3 Extreme Fighter(s)” challenges.

Additionally, there’s a mission for this battle in which the Player has to achieve 3,000,000 Damage with a single Rising Rush. Completing all these challenges along with the mission in one battle would be doing the impossible.

Note: Be aware the EX-3 battle has a similar challenge for Rising Rush Damage but the enemies aren’t as strong and the Player only needs to do 2,500,000 Damage with the Rising Rush.

EX-6 can have every challenge completed by finishing it in under 120 counts. This can be a bit difficult if the Player misses their Rising Rush due to Perfect Cell’s Cover Ability, so it’s good to keep that in mind when battling. This becomes a good thing to note in the fight because players won’t want to hit the Gohan with the Rising Rush if at all possible because he has higher Defensive capabilities.

Completing all the challenges is important for farming Equipment and offers a grand total of 412 Chrono Crystals and 120 Rare Medals between challenges and first drop rewards.

Total Challenge Rewards

Challenge Rewards

Challenge Complete Rewards

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