any recommendations to build a team?

Asked by Xandre1 year 1 month ago


by Xandre 1 year 1 month ago

My actual team

It has +900% ability bonus.

I forgot to say that u can use goku god instead of majin vegeta if you want and it will work nice or even better ^^

This is my team. Always use kaioken goku last to give him time for his transformation to be ready, basically I use him for cleanup after Broly/Gogeta peel for him. Shallot is good with his new ssj transformation and Bardock special move learned (I use him because to make up for any color counter and his zability gives more HP to Saiyan. More HP = last longer). You want to stall a little so goku can use his kaioken). Green vegeta is so op that can turn losing match into winning match with his 2nd chance revival and crisis ability. Red Broly is good overall and his z ability boost Gogeta and purple Broly for easy peel. I’m rank 30 currently (I even beat people with higher power than me) and I’ve done all event/story with this team no problem. The strategy is simple. Stall and peel with Broly/Gogeta/Vegeta then clean up with goku kaioken.

PD: you can use SP Blue SSJ Goku instead of the new kaioken goku if you want. If you don’t have Purple Broly you can use any other sagas from movie character until you get him.. maybe janemba or SP Purple Goku.

Ps, you know that the person in question does not have both sp super gogeta red and sp broly purple right? Besides that, even if he has the bench members for the team, if he does not have the main units for the team, they are irrelevant. I don’t mean any harm but I think your comment just teaches him how to use your team instead of teaching him how to build or use a team with the characters he has. :) Just constructive criticism in my opinion.

Thanks :) he can use replacements until then. But imo that is a really good competitive team if he manage to build it.

I think your main team should be a saiyan team with SP Kaioken Goku, Sp Vegeta Green and SP ssj 3 goku. Ssj 3 goku is a great starter unit with high stats that is buffed everytime he enters the battle field including when the game starts. Kaioken goku can transform and deal amazing damage in both strike and defense as well as boast the highest health in the game and good defensive stats. Vegeta also can buff his strike attack frequently with his green card, main ability and pseudo death to hit harder than most other units. Having him also give you a chance to somewhat negate a rising rush as no matter how hard it his, as long as he has not taken lethal damage yet, he will come back with 20% health and a strike attack buff. For bench units, use ex goku blue, sp ssj goku blue and Ex raditz blue. This give you more health and defense so your glass cannons and kaioken can survive longer while also buffing their strike damage which is their main source of damage. In summary ‘ SP Kaioken Goku, Sp Vegeta Green and SP ssj 3 goku, ex goku blue, sp ssj goku blue and Ex raditz blue ‘ us your team.