Best PVP team i can make?

Im having trouble building the best team for PVP i can build, any suggestions?

Asked by LordChaos271 year 4 months ago


Females = Chi-Chi, Bulma, and both Android #18's, 18(Blue) for when vs hybrid saiyans, and 18(yellow) for everything else.

Future = Adult Gohan(yel), Zamasu(red), Cabba(grn) and Youth Trunks(Blu). Gohan, & Zamasu are CORE and swap Cabba/Trunks in based on color advantage needs

SSJ+Future Mix = Adult Gohan(Yel) , SSJ Bardock(Blu), Youth Trunks(Blu). Always start with Bardock, fight for the 1st 10sec then vanish step enemy attack - swap trunks (vanish again if needed) and go super saiyan w/ him, get off a quick combo - swap bardock, vanish, swap to Gohan. - Fight with Gohan until he is dead (you want him to die actually!) so you get his buff, then just frequently swap between trunks/bardock to take advantage of bardocks buffs to SSJ Trunks(try and avoid dmg on trunks, you want him to be your last alive) - use rising rush(s) ONLY on trunks + within 10sec of swapping from bardock.

Heavy Hitters = Kao x10 Goku, SSJ Cabba(grn) , God Vegeta. You want to try and always swap from Cabba ---> Vegeta if possible, but keep in mind KaoKu is your tank (during kaox10 phase). Make sure you take advantage of the buff mechanics between cabba and vegeta + vegeta's unique abilities and you will pump out GODLY amounts of burst.