Best ssg Vegeta team

I need help finding a good team for ssg Vegeta out of what I have. Any ideas?

Asked by vir23210 months 3 weeks ago


Theres 3 good teams with SSG Vegeta.

Movie team with SSG vegeta/purple broly and blue cooler or red broly. It depends on what buffers you have aviable. We only see a few of your characters right now.

Sayjan Team with SSG Goku/SSG Vegeta and purple broly. + a bunch of sayjan bench buffers.

And third option and by far my favorite is: SP ssj Cabba/SSG vegeta/SP green vegeta. The gist of it is that SSG vegeta covers the color weakness of Green vegeta and SSJ Cabba. Meanwhile Cabba buffs all Vegetas in battle with 40% strike damage and 25% overall damage from his green cards. It has such good synergy because both your vegetas are strike damage attackers and fully profit from the boost of cabba. And Cabba himself is quite powerful too with his quickly stacking blast damage boosts. SSG vegeta can use his cover ability to end combos and green vegeta can survive and heal himself from a rising rush. Just add a few sayjan buffers to the bench like EX radditz and some goku variants that give strike damage to sayjans and you are good to go.

From that screenshot, I'd place both SSG Goku and Vegeta together, and PUR Broly as your core team. For the bench, I'd place Majin Vegeta, EX BLU Goku and GRN Bardock because those three buff the Saiyan category.

For PvP, I'd open with SSG Goku and when for example, a BLU character starts dealing to Goku a lot of damage, switch to Vegeta. Then you also have Broly to deal a ton of damage.