Can u help me with a team?

Hello everybody, im pretty new in this game. Can u please help me with a team for pvp? I was looking for a saiyan team and I have some good saiyan cards. Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english!

Asked by MacroFTW1 year ago


Your main saiyan team should consist of sp broly purple, sp Vegeta green and sp broly red. The bench characters should consist of sp ssj goku red, sp Vegeta purple and ex raditz blue.

Sp broly purple should be the first character to start the game with as he has an ability to nullify color disadvantage for a while so he can be on an even playing field. His blast attack is great and when you can use you his main ability, he transforms and gains attack stats surpassing almost all units in the game until the match ends. His main ability after transforming gives an ultimate card, which outputs insane amounts of damage, so it is one of the most easiest main abilities to learn and master for beginners.
Sp Vegeta can deal great amounts of strike damage and has access to plentiful buffs to increase his strike damage and can surpass even broly purple in strike attack if you gather enough buffs. He can also survive lethal damage, recover health back and gain strike attack buff so many players use him to sponge an attack called rising rush, the most broken attack in the game. If you need more health, his main ability restores health and gives strike attack buffs so you can have a unit at almost half health who crazy strike damage when using his ability after a rising rush.
Sp broly red is like an inferior sp broly purple but he is still a dangerous character. He gains damage buffs every time he lands a strike arts card on the opponent and gains double the buff whenever he attacks a goku or Vegeta, which is more than half of the time. Besides that, his main ability gives him a lot of health and an ultimate cards too.
For the bench characters, sp red goku increases strike attack damage while sp vegeta increases blast attack, thus making your aggressive team even more agressive and thus more likely to grab the win. Ex Raditz increases health for all saiyans, thus giving them more survivability to accommodate for any mistakes.

In summary, your main team should have sp broly purple, sp Vegeta green and sp broly red while your bench characters should be ex raditz blue, sp ssj goku red and sp Vegeta purple. It is very helpful for you to give your entire roster of characters but usually, almost all ‘Hero’ characters don’t make the cut for pvp teams so there is little to no need to show them. Otherwise, good luck and I hope to challenge you in the future.

People usually will fortfeit the match if they face this team

Rank 48 here by the way

Good luck

Thank u, very nice team, but i didnt understand what the core are and what the bench are

There are three different types of teams you can run, teams with tons of tag synergy with each other, teams with tons of color synergy with each other or teams with strong members and little to no synergy with each other. Although he picked some members which have good synergy with each other, 'Shallot' and 'sp broly red', the sp vegeta green in the team suggests that he is more interested in making a team which have many strong options to choose from and allows him to be flexible while still having additional buffs.

It has a lot of movie saga synergy but since not all the members are not from the movie saga, it is not a real movie saga team.