Cannot clear "Nappa the cruel missions"

I got 7 stars in 6 or 7 matches in nappa the cruel event. Still when i look at the event mission it only says 2 out of 7. Can somebody jrlp? I need the chronos

Asked by Cristiano Ronaldo1 year 1 month ago


Lol, thats weird, I had a similar problem but it was for the cell missions. All you have to do is clear the nappa missions set for you if you clear all 7 missions you get the reward for example:
.Kill nappa 7 times
.Use kill blast 8 times
.Use strike move 17 times
If you complete those 3, you would have 3 out of 7 but you have only completed 1 out of 7.
Btw I am just setting an example. Hope this helped you.