Hi, ive completed all cell missions except for last one (challenge battle) and it only sais ive done 8 out of 15 missions and 8 out of 30 missions (rewards are: 100 gems for 15 missiosn and 400 gems for 30 missions) so can someone please. help how to complete these to get remaining 500 gems cause im very confuesd and dont know what elese to do im literally repeating all missions but nothing happens please HELP!

Asked by alek28037 months 3 weeks ago


by Axel 7 months 3 weeks ago

You have completed the story levels, not missions. Missions are like use a blast art 50 times, use 5 rising rushes, comlpete this level 3 times, complete a story 120 times ecc...

Oo so basically doing other missions to complete this one? :)