Complete 5 Cell: The Evolving Life Form Missions

Hi I have completely cleared the cell evolving life form missions but when I got to my missions it only says I completed 2 I tried repeating the matches but nothing is happening I completed all 7 out of 7 mission for the matches but it still says I completed 2 out of 5 for 200 gems please help

Asked by tsk.tgb3vegeta10 months 3 weeks ago


by Axel 10 months 3 weeks ago

the 7/7 level missions are "challenges", not missions. Missions are like complete a story 120 times, use 100 blast arts, collect 5o equipments. Got it?
in the event missions it says what you have to do

The things you are doing are challenges and not missions. You need to do the actual missions that are below the 5 for 200 gems mission. The missions for the cell event.