Defeat Gogeta Ex-5 Hard

Hi, do you guys have any tips do defeat Red Gogeta lvl2500 please? (Broly event ex5 hard) I tried using SSJ Bardock Blue, SSJ Broly purple and SSJ goku blue (all SP lvl2000), and i only managed to break him into SSJ Gogeta...

Asked by saitamaland1 year 1 month ago


Use an anti-Saiyan team. Frieza force, etc

You are on the right track but you need a full mono blue team. For the main team, I used ssj bardock, ssj goku and kaioken goku. If you don’t have kaioken goku, you can use sp lssj broly or Ex goku. For bench units, I used Ex goten, Ex first form frieza and sp final form frieza since each characters gives buffs to strike attack and strike defense and your team will mainly rely on strike damage. As for the equipment, I recommend using anything that buffs strike attack like ‘You’ll pay’ while neglecting equipment that is specific to categories that Gogeta is not in like the ‘Of course’ equipment and you should fully soul boost your characters. During combat, you should also use your rising rush as often as you can as he can tank several of them and you can gather more dragon balls for more rising rushes as well. If you combine all of these tips you should have a good chance to take him out completely. Best of luck!

Well, even with a blue mono, if you do not have many merges it's complicated to beat that fdp, I've used Goku kaioken (2 *), Bardock ssj (2 *) and Goku (movie) ssj (2 *). And some buffer out-battle, anyway I had to try 9 times to get through the Gogeta. Even Broly's rising battle that has to be done with HEs and EXs was so difficult.

THANK YOU THANK YO THANK YOU! Finally completed, following your suggestion (i was using the same team formation previously, but with different bench/items) However i recorded the attemp ^^ ( no, the music was not added, i use to listen DB tracks while playing PVP or difficult matches :p )