Do I have to upgrade my bench fighters?

Im actually using a team based on SP SSJ Broly PUR, SP Goku (Kaio-Ken) BLU and SP SSJG Goku RED, and I recently maxed them out and I don't know if is needed to buff the bench which actually is EX Raditz BLU, EX Goku BLU and SP Vegeta PUR.
To resume the question is if I need to make them level up to make the guys I use stronger or if I just have to wait to pull more of the bench guys to make their Z-Abilities stronger.

And another question, are this buffs okay for a Saiyan team? When I'm completly finished with this one I'll be looking to pull a full SSJ team which looks even stronger just by the stronger buffs they get.

Asked by Daxinito1 year 6 months ago


There is no need to max out the bench character’s levels as only their z abilities affect the main team. If you can farm z power for the characters whose z abilities affect the main team, then your team’s strength will improve.

Also, the buffs you have chose overall are excellent choices. However, you may want to chance Sp Vegeta purple as his blast damage increase is only valuable to sp broly purple. The other team members are not as likely to need the blast damage increase so you might want to prioritize saiyan strike defense and blast defense. If you could only choose one, pick strike defense as the meta is very strike oriented.